The Catholic Church and Flying…..

IMG_1183 (1)I was Baptized in the Baptist faith, converted to Methodism (Sunday services were more “efficient”) and have attended a quaint and charming Lutheran Church lately.  My experiences in a Catholic Church are pretty much limited to weddings and funerals.  I deeply admire the structure and ritual attendant to the Catholic Church… provides an uncanny degree of comfort.  The Priests tend to stay on script and the parishioners respond precisely on cue and with passion.

I thrive on structure and rule.  This should come as no surprise given my 27 years as a state trooper……preceded by a tour in the Army as an artilleryman (more ritual) which was preceded by the structure provided by my father, an Army officer.

Piloting an airplane is a study in ritual. There is a regimented procedure for flight planning, followed by a precise checklist for preflighting the airplane, for establishing contact with ground control and then ATC, a checklist for taking off…..there are checklists for emergency procedures, for landing, taxing, parking and securing the airplane.  There is a precise order for powering the panel up and for shutting the panel down……

The parallels between piloting and the Catholic Church are easy to see.  In this harried existence we enjoy today, it is very comforting to participate in an activity where you have a script and are obliged to follow the rules.

…….not to mention that if you deviate from the script, ignore the rules… are going to get into trouble at some point…….serious trouble at that.

Think about it……

One thought on “The Catholic Church and Flying…..

  1. Who’d a thought….great comparison, Steve. And as a life long Catholic, I completely agree with you on the comfort of rituals in the Catholic church. Something to be said for following the script and not having to figure it out each time.


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