Things Every Man Should know….

image.jpegEarlier today, Sharon found an article that talked about the things every woman should know, and I found it fascinating.  Many of the things noted dealt with how perceptive women are to the sensitivities of those around them, a testament to the differences between men and women.  Today this line, with obvious differences, is becoming blurred.  This being said, here is my list of things that every man should know.

A man should know how…..

to sharpen a knife; to tell the difference between a shotgun and a rifle; to tell the difference between a fly rod, casting rod and spinning rod; to mix scotch and water; to tell the difference between bourbon and scotch; to change a tire; to be honest and flattering simultaneously; perceptive women really are; difficult it is to sustain a lie; to drive a stick shift; to tell the difference between a kayak and a canoe; to be chivalrous; to tell the difference between a Harley and all other motorcycles; to tie a tie; to tie a Palomar knot; to make coffee; to grill a steak; cook one great dish inside; start a fire; to drive a nail; that discretion is the better part of valor;  that sometimes valor is the better part of discretion; to avoid making important decisions when you are intoxicated; that staying in shape is easier than getting in shape; there is a difference between doctors; that commitment is critical; that winning an argument with her is not really winning the argument; that wearing a helmet is smart; that your middle finger can get your butt kicked; that effort trumps ability; to recognize poison ivy; that sugar is the new salt; to find morels; that some snakes are good; that an intoxicated woman is more dangerous than an intoxicated man; that luck involves skill; to cry; to love a dog; to die well and finally,

To recognize that God is real.




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