I am not the superstitious type. Rabbit’s feet belong on rabbits, four leaf clovers are great snacks for these same rabbits and black cats are the demise of rabbits if they tarry too long alongside the road.  My lucky fishing hat is lucky only in the sense that Sharon hasn’t pitched the sweat stained artifact in the trash. More often than not, good fortune is the result of hard work and superior judgement and I have seen too many folks riding “Lady Luck” lose it all in the casinos that I regulated.  Trust me when I suggest the loser’s bad luck is really the result of the skill of the gaming industry!  Having said this, omens, on the other hand, are the real thing………

If we are honest with ourselves, we have all done something we “have a bad feeling” about doing.  A successful outcome is then characterized as good luck and a bad outcome is…..of course…bad luck.  Crystall balls are in short supply these days, forcing us to rely on our experience, intuition and knowledge in divining the outcome of the thing we are jumping into or out of the way of.  Smart folks do not risk their fortunes on a roll of the dice or a coin toss…..these situations are generally limited to matters that, in life, are inconsequential.  Try convincing a statistician that luck exists…………

Sharon, Tazzy and I have relocated, yet again, to Springfield, the Queen City, located on the northern edge of the Ozark Mountains. After months of looking and trying the patience of a number of very good realtors, we found our home, just across the road from the Wilson-Rutledge Farm, in a subdivision named Stonehinge.  We knew immediately this was the one, quickly penning an offer while sitting on the previous owner’s couch on our first visit.  Lucky?  No, this find was the result of an exceptionally sharp real estate agent named Jill, who read us with aplomb and called to tell us she had two properties for us to preview.  Our new home had been on the market for one day when we iced the deal.

So, what about the omen thing?  We are in the new home, awaiting our furniture, which is to be delivered tomorrow. Tazzy is sleeping on his bed, Sharon on an air mattress that leaks flat overnight and I am enjoying an Army cot, with the logo of the National Wild Turkey Federation emblazoned on it and we could not be happier.  After a day of painting accent walls, unpacking and enjoying cutting grass for the first time in three years (I really did miss yard work!) we adjourned to one of many Chinese Restaurants for our evening respite.  Just before entering the eatery, we looked back to where our home is located and noticed the small, multicolored cloud over our house.image.jpeg

I don’t put much stock in luck……..but I am convinced that omens are the real thing…and our little cloud, to us, is an omen of good fortune as we begin this adventure. Okay……we are lucky!

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