Take a Deep Breath…….

Jay Z, the rap artist, in rapid fire fashion, refers to women as whores and bitches.  To his audience, this is entertainment and his audience included the current President who invited Jay Z to a birthday bash at the White House.  Does this signal Barrack Obama’s approval of this level of demeaning vulgarity?  I don’t know the answer to that question………nor do I care.  Neither Obama or Jay Z are likely to be in my social circle.  Let’s cut to the chase here.

Donald Trump was not my first choice to represent the Republican Party in this election.  Actually he was not my second choice either, but as all good citizen’s should do,  I checked the box, lost, and have been forced to accept the collective reasoning of my fellow conservatives, which elevated Mr. Trump to the top of the ticket.  As I have opined in the past, “we the people” picked this guy and he is ours to the end of this race.  These are my people, and though we may disagree, I stand with them when it is cloudy as well on the bright sunny days we all love.  I am sure as hell not going to throw our collective reasoning under the bus, over an unguarded, profoundly lurid conversation between two men a decade ago.  Men, (and women), by an astounding majority, have engaged in such talk at some point in their lives…….some of these men and women have risen to leadership positions….in spite of this perceived character flaw.  I would suggest to those who are naive enough to think we are above graphic conversations about sexuality,  attend a hockey game, or watch daytime television. Your naïveté will very quickly vanish.

I believe it in our best interest to agree on an important, documented point.  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both are incredibly profane,  and to many, vile human beings.  We need to take a lesson from our liberal opposites and set aside this aspect of the character of the candidates who we have selected.  There are too many differences and philosophies at work to hinge an election on the degree of vulgarity in our respective candidates.  Am I offended by their sexually charged language and thought processes……..no.  I should remind you I was raised in a military environment and worked in a sometimes incredibly profane environment, the policing of America.  Instead, I am deeply concerned about the direction this great Republic is headed in.  A pinch of Dick Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, George Patton, or George Carlin only adds color to a terribly important business.img_0071

Take a deep breath America……….and focus on the big stuff.  If you are going to throw Trump under the bus because he is sometimes lurid…..go slow…..you will need your strength to pitch Hillary under the same bus.



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