Lunch At Hobos……..

When we travel, we rely on the Trip Advisor, where Sharon is a frequent commentator, to guide us away from franchised, packaged and routine sorts of food stops.  We found just such a place in St. Peters, Missouri just over a week ago.  If you are on the east side of Missouri, lunch hungry and looking for a terrific place to eat……stop in at Hobos in downtown St. Peters.  You will not dine alone!IMG_0853.JPG

This restaurant is located in the American Legion, a history cloaked old building that has seen service as a stable and hotel in years past.  It is quaint, clean and entirely accessible with plenty of off street parking and laid back ambiance.  The patio area is dog friendly with a water bowl cheerfully provided to your canine companion.IMG_0856.JPG

While all of this is good stuff, it is certainly not the draw here.  Let’s give it a whirl.  Our waitress, Teresa or “Short T” as she is known (there are two Teresa’s on staff), was pleasant and super enthusiastic about the restaurant and the food.  She was conversant on the history of the building……in fact was married here!  Compare her perky demeanor with that of the last counter jock at, say McDonalds or Arby’s that you worked with……not that all of them are surly and disinterested…Short T was quick with recommendations, prompt and attentive.  Most importantly she liked Tazzy and Tazzy her, and we all know you cannot fool a dog!

I am hesitant to tackle the food quality, as the picture says it all.  The catfish was simply off the charts and the tenderloin superb.  Please note the portions……we could have easily split one of these sandwiches and still have a nibble or two for our taster, Tazzy.    All of this at a reasonable, and I do mean VERY reasonable, price. A quick look inside the crowded dining room, filled with mostly local patrons  confirms quality and value.  Brian Ward, the proprietor of this restaurant has been behind the counter for 8 years, and certainly understands the importance of excellent food, cold beer and a clean cheerful environment.  Nicely done, Mr. Ward.IMG_0855.JPG

A summary is in order.  We catalog restaurants in terms of our propensity to return.  We visit an occasional stop that is off our list for evermore, a few that will do in a pinch, a number of which we would definitely return to and a precious few that are destination quality, places we work into our travel plans as a destination eatery when we are headed “that way”.  Hobos is a destination stop.  The next time you are perusing your options…..give them a shot.  A terrific little restaurant that has it all.IMG_0858.JPG

The big chains should stop in and mystery shop……..Hobos can teach them a few things!

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