It isn’t what it is, it is what they say it is.  The political machinery today is the province of the Madison Avenue types who could spin the holocaust into a bad day at Scout camp.  It should be apparent that I harbor a dislike for Hillary, and I can appreciate the fact that I have friends who harbor an intense hatred for the Donald, but I refuse to let the Hill and Donald destroy my relationships with those with whom I disagree.  Be honest…..can you say this?  I sure hope so, but fear otherwise. IMG_0875.JPG

I am going to give HRC a little credit here.  The woman has raised just under 1 billion dollars in her run for the Presidency.  Not even her strongest supporters believe she “cannot recall” the answer to a very large number of questions posed in a deposition, questions that dealt with substantive matters, but they still adore her.   Numerous career FBI insiders are writhing around like earthworms on pavement after a hard rain, aghast at the manipulation of the investigative protocols that have been negotiated into her email scandal investigation.  This investigation has developed into an almost humorous whack-a-mole game being spun by an obliging media.  The job of what can only be described as a magnificent legal team has been greatly facilitated by a President who, with Loretta, his appointee at Justice, has carefully interceded on HRC’s behalf as needed.  Would the Republicans have done the same thing if confronted by these circumstances?  Of course they would have.  It is what we have become.  Are there two standards within our legal system?  Yes Mildred, there is……the very wealthy and the rest of the population.  Was the meeting between Loretta and Bill a happenstance conversation about grandkids that has been widely reported?  No, it wasn’t, but the version currently in play is all we have…..so, “yes, it was”, is what we are forced to accept.  I could go on, but do not want to risk losing another friend, Facebook or otherwise, over what I choose to believe and what they may discount.  Caskets are heavy, I have helped carry a few of them, and I would prefer Sharon not have to go to a temporary service provider to find 6 folks to get me into church.

Borrowing a line from Fox News, supposedly America’s most watched news outlet, I should be fair and balanced.  What about the Donald?  The Republican Party has managed to turn itself into the earthworms that I previously mentioned, the ones on the pavement awaiting their fate when the sun comes out. Establishment Republicans everywhere are wringing their hands and ducking like barnyard turkeys when a cloud passes over, convinced the sky is falling.  Very few of these folks have remained glued to the Donald, carefully adding layers of kevlar to protect themselves from the political shrapnel they see coming on election night.  Have the Democrats shown any sign of internal bleeding?  Nope.  Are they maximizing their prom night relationship with the media?  Yep.  Have the Republicans given them a blueprint for how to waste a majority in Congess?  Yep.  Will they learn from this experience?  Watch and see.  Has the Donald been an unpredictable campaigner?  Yep. Has his past, allegedly lecherous behavior come back to haunt him?  Of course it has, see HRC adoring media above, all too eager to accomodate HRC’s selective memory. Did the Donald tap into fed up America to get the nomination?  Of course he did.  Fed up America just forgot to get a head count before we latched on!  As my old boss would say, count the votes, Ralph…count the votes.

Political science is misnamed.  It should be political art……Science is predicated on the truth, facts mind you.  What a disservice to the concept of science to suggest that anything involving politics revolves around facts.


2 thoughts on “Political….Science?

  1. Well said and on the point. Truth, Honesty, Complete, among other words, do not appear anywhere in the political arena. I am thankful I am as old as I am and feel really sorry for my kids and their kids. Does ANYONE know, or care, what 22 trillion dollars is.?

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  2. Thank you, Gil. The numbers are nearly incomprehensible to most folks, but certainly not to the political world. I too am concerned about the legacy we are building for generations to come.


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