Decision Time……..

A beautiful Missouri fall day, Chiefs football and the living is easy.  Tuesday, folks will find their way to the polls and establish the tone and tenor of America for the next four years.  I suspect it will be for four years, as the negatives of these two candidates will likely preclude their consideration for a second term.  It will also mark the end of perhaps the nastiest election cycle we have ever endured.

I strongly resist the temptation to let the talking heads steer me in one direction or another, thankful they are not sitting next to me in the booth when I indicate my preferences.  Mainstream media has managed to further damage their credibility with America, and the business of “fact checking” has become an industry unto itself.  The rhetoric will end and life will go on.  The divisive nature of this cycle has cut deeply and will leave scars and marks that will not be erased easily.  Most of us have made up our minds……and are appalled at the thought of our friends and acquaintances choosing a different candidate than the one we think is superior.img_0090

Interestingly, this election comes down to one word that transcends experience, training and personal success.  That word is integrity.  We are slipping into a voting booth and selecting the leader of the free world not by measuring their ability to govern.  Instead we are assessing their integrity or lack thereof and marking the ballot accordingly.  So, what is the takeaway from this experience?

Primaries are important.  The voter turnout in the primary process is abysmal.  We simply do not become personally involved in primaries, choosing to believe the primary process is the province of the party’s, who will select the candidates for us.  There is truth in this belief, but only because we let them have this considerable sway. We would be in denial if we didn’t accept the irrefutable fact that we, the people, are responsible for the choices we face on Tuesday. Apathy can be deadly…..

Slightly less than half of the population of America will face Wednesday morning wringing their hands and carefully venturing outside for fear the sky is falling. The other half will be smugly smiling because their candidate was judged to be slightly less  flawed…….a paltry test for the office of the Presidency.

The smug ones, whose candidate prevailed, would be well served to curb their smugness and gloat quietly.  I can guarantee the losers in this election, whichever way it goes, will have an enormous supply of “I told you so” with which to slap the winners whose candidate has one foot in a bucket of bull squirt and the other on a banana peeling.  I am not willing to lose a friend over this mess……..

Decision time……..

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