Hanging, Firing Squad or Beheading……..

The frenzy of election day is near, the polling places are ready and folks are ever alert for the hanging chads that can really upset the soup.  History has provided us with an example, albeit on a somewhat less emotional scale, of the feeling that folks across this country must feel as they head to the polling place.  The great state of Utah, in 1850, was considerate enough to permit condemned folks to pick the form of their demise……hanging, a firing squad and in 1851, they added beheading to the selection of untimely exits from life.img_0091

Can you imagine being given a date to visit with the Master and the considerable anguish that must have been felt as the condemned carefully considered their options for the occasion of your departure from life?  Heady stuff, I imagine….

So it is, that approximately two thirds of the eligible voters in this country are faced with a similar choice tomorrow.  In past musings, I have suggested that voting in 2016 is not going to be the wonderful catharsis that voting should be.  Just look at the top of the ticket……Hillary and the Donald.  What criteria are we going to rely on to make this selection?  The folks in Utah were faced with a similar decision…….which one of my options is going to cause me the least amount of pain?

Folks. Let’s face it.  The choices we are faced with, at the top of the ticket, cannot possibly represent the best America has to offer.  We are faced with making a decision based entirely on a subjective opinion as to which candidate will be the best of the worst.  It is futile, and frankly would be insulting to my readers to make any attempt to summarize the weaknesses and strengths of either candidate.  We are faced with choosing between an individual who knows absolutely nothing about the truth and a candidate who knows very little about the world at this level, is arrogant and possesses what can only be described as a pathological sensitivity to criticism.  The first step in addressing a problem is acknowledging you have one, and Houston….we have a problem.

My position is a known quantity.  I am not thrilled with either candidate…..and I sincerely doubt my readers are either.  I believe my descriptions and opinions noted above are supported by ample evidence, and I, like you, have carried or will carry our opinions into the voting booth. (We voted absentee, as we will likely be traveling on Tuesday.)

One of the most difficult aspects of being a trooper for 27 years was dealing with liars.  My vocation exposed me to them, constantly, and I have no regard for them.  When dealing with violators, the individual who could look me in the eye and cough up the unvarnished truth, was sure to benefit from my deep appreciation for honesty.  Mistakes, errors in judgement and general carelessness was much easier to digest when the doer of evil was forthcoming.  So, for me……..the decision was based, predominately, on this consideration.  Your criteria may be different, and believe me when I suggest, I understand.

So it is……..hanging, firing squad or beheading.  This is no time for scissor, rock,  paper……..think about it.





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