The Right Descriptive…

The realization of the significance of what happened on November 8, 2016 is starting to come into focus.  I thought it best to let this reality settle in, cook a bit if you will, before I wrote about what it means to me.  Unlike the HRC camp, I was never smug, in fact, was appalled at the audacity of those folks in setting up a massive fireworks display, later cancelled, to celebrate her rise to the top.  After all, the elites and power brokers had assured me that it was all over, and that I would fall into line and continue my march to the sea.  This time…..they had it wrong.img_0094

Spiking the football is not my style.  I have learned, through real world experience, that after the spike you are going to give the ball back to the other team, and they may just be aggravated with your score.  Aggravated opposition presents another set of problems…..always has.  So after calm reflection, something the minions of the elite, disguised as street thugs who are protesting their downturn in fortune by taking to the streets, simply cannot do,  I have arrived at the proper descriptive…….satisfaction.

It is satisfying to me to see the middle swath of America, the guys and gals whose hands get dirty pursuing a living for themselves and their families, saddle up and ride to the polls.

It is satisfying to see the pundits, with what Dr. Larry Sabato, the man who knows alot about alot of things that ring political, have an omelette on their faces, not just mere egg.  By the way, the good doctor offered the omelette analogy himself.  The talking heads prattled on, the elites made their celebratory plans and we went about taking the process in an entirely unexpected direction.

There is talk of an Obama pardon for HRC.  Pardon for what?  She has steadfastly maintained her innocence, suggesting her legal problems are the work of errant lemmings who lost their direction as they headed to the sea. The lemmings, excuse me, I meant to say Mr. And Mrs. Middle America, having watched other lemmings ahead of them, said no and turned right…….the direction to the polls.  There is great satisfaction in being a member of this movement who rose up and became relevant again.  As is often the case, we will be labeled as time goes on, that is fashionable today, but make no mistake, we are real and we showed our collective butts to the elite…whether it be smug pols, celebrities, media hucksters or a president who is convinced he knows better.  He is not a fan of collective reasoning…..

So, I offer my congratulations not just to Mr. Trump, who perhaps heard our message when no one else did, but to middle America, who became determined to be heard this time.  The question is not whether or not we will stand behind Mr. Trump, but whether or not the elites will stand behind him.  We are invested…we will be there. After all, we were prepared for the pronounced inevitability of another elite master grabbing the throttle of America……

The worm has turned folks.  Enjoy the satisfaction of getting off our rear ends and announcing our presence.  I know that I am   And I could not be prouder of our right turn. This is collective reasoning at its very best.  Now that is satisfying.



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