This Week……..

What a week!  It has been a trip, as the stoners would say, watching America turn the corner.  Certainly, turning the corner does not signal utopia, but it does point you in a new direction. Surely, even the most hardened partisan, on either side of the fence, can admit there is reason to be optimistic.  So, what’s up you ask…..

For starters, the Democratic party continues to flop around like a freshly caught crappie in a livewell.  In their infinite wisdom, and there is wisdom there somewhere, they have again elected Nancy Pelosi as their leader. They are much better than this. Remember the definition of insanity, you know….doing the same thing repetively and expecting a different result, and then…..

….they are rewriting every textbook that relates to graciousness and losing with dignity.  Hillary’s campaign just cannot accept the outcome that we, the people, handed them.  The suggestion by her handlers that Trump was elected on the strength of racist middle America is appalling.  The Dems refuse to accept the failings of their candidate and cannot believe the successes of their opponent, which has led to……img_0108

….Hillary becoming a co-conspriter in the absolutely ridiculous recount strategy put forth by a lady who barely had enough supporters to field a rugby team.  The argument that suggests this recount is the result of “our right” to do this is as lame as your “right” to jab yourself in the eye with a pencil, and makes about as much sense.  Their  real motive is to take the shine off Trump’s victory….good luck with that!  There is more….

Mr. Trump continues to stomp the hell out of conventional wisdom.  He confounds the country by seriously considering Romney as the Secretary of State, clearly indicating his ability to set aside profound differences in the interest of the best man for the job.  How many of us could do that?  Mr. Trump seizes an opportunity that was available to the current administration, meets with the right folks and saves 1,000 jobs in the same, racist, middle America that Hillary flipped off as she courted California and the pivotal swing states she lost.  The “deplorables” strike again!img_0107

The good news continues as Mr. Trump announces his selection of Gen. Mattis as the Secretary of Defense, a selection that must clear a procedural hurdle in congress, a likely occurrence.  I would suspect that third world countries are watching this development carefully.  My own father, an unlikely diplomat in wolf’s clothing, was a believer in diplomacy right up to the point that you see no possible success, and then you put your opponent to the proverbial sword.  True warriors, not drug store cowboys, mean what they say and the line in the sand has serious implications.  Our enemies, empowered by the ridiculous policies of the current administration, are rethinking their strategies… can bet on it.img_0109

Finally, Mr. Trump signals his intent to follow through with a solution to the Obamacare disaster.  His selection of the Health and Human services boss, Mr. Price,  represents a directed effort in the abolition and REPLACEMENT of this wretched exercise in deception.

What a week…….

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