The Supply Side of Giving……..

I suspect that most of the folks who are reading my weekly musings exist on the supply side of the charitable giving industry that America supports.  Evidence of our attitude toward the less fortunate are everywhere beginning with the copious solicitations we receive in our mailbox daily and ending as we pass the infamous red kettles located at virtually every entrance and exit of the retail complexes we visit.  Various internet sites offer ratings to help guide us when we contribute to the charitable organizations we consider.  It is wise to peruse this information as there are legally sanctioned organizations that spend freely on themselves as opposed to the targets of their benevolence.

There can be no question that America’s position in the world order demands we provide humanitarian support to the countries who generally respect us and appreciate our efforts……however;  I think it exceedingly unwise to step over and around those at home who need our help to offer a hand to folks from countries who seek our destruction.  Enter the Syrians.  The current administration began this grand design in 2015 when the President announced his intention to bring 10,000 of these folks into America from their war torn country.  A country that is, by the way, a training ground for forces that seek our demise.  Missouri has become home to a rather large group of these folks, and I read occasional commentary suggesting our reticence to embrace these folks is rooted in a lack of compassion.  To this notion, I say bullsquirt.img_0111

While the government sees fit to attend to the comfort level of these folks with your and my tax dollars, they rely on us to reach a little deeper in our reserves for our veterans and the other home folks who are in dire straights.  I have worked the line at food pantry distributions, and while I noted an occasional individual who was equipped with the latest cell phone and expensive jewelry, the majority of these folks needed a little help and it was a gratifying experience.  I recognize that much of the rest of the world would love to live as Americans do, but that isn’t going to happen.  We cannot relocate the middle east to America without paying a tremendous price, far exceeding the warm, fuzzy feelings we may get by doing so.  Being on the supply side of the giving spectrum should entitle us to an opinion as to who benefits from the money that we have earned and choose to give away.  On the local level, we can exercise that option with surgical precision.  On the national level, we depend on our government.  I think we do a pretty good job when we open the mailed solicitations or pass the kettle…..but my confidence in the government to be as judicious is just not there.img_0110

I take no issue with helping properly vetted refugees from other countries, however………

…………I will step around these folks to provide the assistance that I can for a veteran who is receiving substandard medical care and has fallen on hard times, or his parents who cannot afford medical care period.  When there is no longer a necessity for a food pantry,  when the homeless Americans living in cardboard shelters under viaducts are provided basic warmth and hygiene, when the aforementioned veterans are properly taken care of,  when  Americans are no longer living like refugees in their own country……

….I will be there for the rest of the world.



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