In Memoriam…….

I know my readers are weary, having seen the ugly side of democracy in a particularly rancorous election cycle.  The speed of communication today, replete with photographic and sometimes graphic imaging, the genesis of which is in the cell phone we all would seemingly die without, is revealing and sometimes revolting.  Writing is cathartic for me, and I really must offer a final thought on Barrack Hussein Obama, who, for me, is far less relevant today than yesterday.  This won’t take long.

Americans have extended an unbelievable privilege to our political leadership.  We will let them establish a position, drive across town, and execute a pivot in the opposite direction on the matter at hand. We then hear only the facts that favor our stance, ignoring what they said minutes, days or weeks ago.  This forgiveness covers a lot of territory, a unique privilege that does not fly in most of the rest of our existence.  The old saying that your word is your bond has no place in today’s political arena, with very few, precious exceptions. This observation is important, because Obama can use the political rhetoric defense as effectively as anyone in recent history.  However, when the necessity to cover himself politically evaporated in the waning days of his administration, we get a glimpse of the real Barrack Hussein Obama.

Obama extended a prominent, skinny middle finger towards our friends in the Middle East, Israel, when he authorized the abominable failure to act on the security council resolution in the UN.  That part of the world is a seething morass of anti-American sentiment, with an emphasis on the destruction of Christianity.  Israel is the only reliable friend we have in that sorry corner of the world,  and when the bullies jumped on them, we took a powder. This, my good friends, is memory number one.

Memory number two is Benghazi. This 2012 event is a horrendous example of the kinder and gentler approach to dealing with a situation that begged for the appropriate use of military assets that were readily available to crush the Ansar al-Sharia Islamic militant group, that shot up our embassy.  We had the resources at hand to eradicate the Islamic fighters within hours, and turn the areas around our compounds into a nicely leveled park.  We should have left the very clear impression that if you attack our people on our ground (the Embassy) we are going to swiftly and methodically kill you, and then kill you again, just to make sure the message is conveyed.

Finally, we come to the highlight of my memory of Mr. Obama.  His pardoning of the hundreds upon hundreds of felons is reprehensible, and totally without precedent, but again, Obama is demonstrating his superior intellect to those of us who have some sense of crime and punishment.  It’s the middle finger again this time displayed to the criminal justice system and the people it protects. This being said, his pardoning of Chelsea Manning is horrendous.  Obama knocked 28 years off the sentence of a individual (I havn’t concluded whether Manning is a he or she…..a tough call these days) who committed treason.  The thousands of stolen military and state department documents leaked to the same outfit that leaked the Clinton emails has had deadly consequences for the locals in Afghanistan and Iraq who were aiding America in that fight.  It is said the Taliban went on a killing spree as a result of this information.  Obama said the sentence was excessive and inappropriate.  It was inappropriate, indeed. Manning should have been executed not commuted, and in another time and place would have already been tied to a pole and sent on his way to the gates of hell.  Mr. Obama, already very good at doing this, extended yet another middle finger at America.

In 2015, at a White House correspondent’s dinner, Obama joked about whether or not he had a “bucket” list.  He quipped, “I have something that rhymes with bucket list”.  Yes, Barrack Hussein Obama……it may have been funny then, not so much now.  Please excuse me if I do not reflect the maudlin, weepy snowflake wave of sorrow at Mr. Obama’s end of tenure.  See you around Barrack….I am sure you will find a way to remain relevant……but not in the people’s White House.

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