tazI retired after a 27 year career with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, where I attained the rank of Major before retiring a Captain in 2000. Majors serve at the pleasure of the Colonel, the last permanent rank is Captain. I then went to work for the Missouri Gaming Commission as the Director of Enforcement, Chief Deputy Director and served a short time as the Acting Executive Director before retiring yet again.

I attended the University of Missouri at Rolla and Kansas City and am a graduate of the FBI National Academy. I have resided in Japan, Germany, Okinawa and Vietnam, a number of military posts, five cities in Missouri and currently in Springfield with my retired school administrator wife, Sharon and the household CEO, a yellow Lab, Taz’m.

I fish, hunt, ride a Harley, fly, read, write and take the time to laugh, really hard, every day. I believe in collective reasoning and contributing to the common good through dialogue, opinion and your presence in the voting booth! Finally, I recognize that everything is important to someone.

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