The New Generation…..

image.jpegSteve Davis, a Highway Patrol Lieutenant that I very much respect, recently posted a picture or two on Facebook with his kids.  His posting was in response to some form of a challenge to post a picture representing his happiness at being a dad.  He did well…….

There  have been a number of articles and observations recently that call attention to the young folks that are having difficulty figuring it out, you know…..the kids who want a free education and are easily offended by virtually anything they perceive as a threat to their well being.  The media is all too happy to capitalize on the anguish of these confused young people, it is a better story than an article about the huge numbers of young folks  who are doing just fine these days.  I can only imagine the challenge that young folks are facing today with the electronic Renaissance, mobility and affluence they are managing.  There are more than a few of us who would fail miserably in this environment requiring infinitely more sophistication than that required to make it to baseball practice on time, set the points and timing in our muscle cars and bag groceries on weekends.

I have raised two kids that I am proud of.  They are very different people, motivated by different mindsets and triggers, who work very hard every day to contribute to the greater good.  Who among us hasn’t made mistakes along the way…..perfection is a high bar, but I can say with certainty they have benefitted from their experiences and have reasonable expectations that are centered around a defined work ethic.  The vast majority of the new generation gets it and are acquiring the wisdom to keep America on track….even if they don’t get the headlines.  They have no problem tapping into our collective wisdom and experience and I have no problem recognizing their technical skill and familiarity with the complexity of life today.  This synergy is really beautiful…..if we can be objective with each other.

In all honesty, we made some really bad calls growing up and, for the most part, have still contributed solidly to the fabric of America….by negotiating  the hills and curves that are on every road. Our children are navigating a very complex road to success and we can be proud of their perseverance, offering our perspective for their consideration as they refine their decision making strategy.  I tend to ignore the confused young folks who are busy being offended and admire those who understand that being offended goes with the turf.  It has been said that age and treachery trump youth and enthusiasm every day of the week…..

……..don’t bet on it today.  This new generation is clever in ways we can only admire and I have faith in their ability to keep us on track.  Youth, enthusiasm and smart……..

You have to like it!

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