A Spring Vacation……

If you really want to know how the mind works, open a social media account. For a deep dive into human behavior and thought processes, mix in a crisis of national magnitude. Some weeks ago, I predicted that folks would soon find one side or the other of the line between those who think that quarantining and personal protective gear is effective and those who cannot stand the thought of restrictions on individual freedom. When you add a cup of economic chaos to this nasty situation, unvarnished personalities are exposed. Separating the wheat from the chaff becomes easy.

I can see both sides of most issues, but like many folks, after consideration I tend to arrive at a position on matters of importance. It is imperative that you consider both sides of an issue, a tactic employed by thousands of trial lawyers every day they practice. I also understand that almost everything in life is important to someone, for some reason.

Recently, on Facebook, I suggested that I could see both sides of the issue as it relates to the beautician in Texas who chose jail time over closing her shop until the end of the order of the Governor. I still can. Economic necessity is a major driving force, however the rule of law is the foundation of our society. The Texas Supreme Court vacated her 7 day jail sentence and this lady has become the champion of millions of folks who are up to here with not working and various executive orders restricting movement. The Governor, in response to her machinations, modified his order to prohibit jail time as a consequence of violating his order, ostensibly issued to protect the citizens of Texas. He has pulled the teeth of the tiger with his position and reduced his orders restricting movement to suggestions, although the possibility of a fine is still apparently on the table. Civil disobedience at work, creating a nasty kettle of fish.

So what am I writing about? We are in dangerous times my friends. Relationships are being crushed by a microscopic little demon from hell that has disrupted life in a country where life has been good. I have watched friends who I have a great deal of respect for suggest you are a coward if you do not shed the masks and go about your business as if nothing is going on. Others have suggested the orders protecting health are simply tyranny and patently unconstitutional. They are neither. Seeing both sides of the liberty vs pandemic fight is not popular, and like politics, there is no demand for folks in the middle. We have reached a point where we are now assessing just how much death and suffering is acceptable when weighed against the cherished notion of individual liberty. Absent a vaccine, we’ll soon know the answer………

I am ready for a vacation. It is time to get away from social media, politics, morons, my way or the highway types, limited vocabularies and derisiveness. It is time to stand waist deep in a trout stream, with the singular worry about whether my tired, old eyes can see well enough to tie a tippet on after losing a good fish. I have deactivated my Facebook account, limited my information channels to a single cable network and the Wall Street Journal where news has a chance of being objective. My email account is in good standing and I am sure that friends who have something substantive will avail themselves to that medium or, the cellphone.

Sometimes, too much information is a bad thing.

Have a great weekend.


4 thoughts on “A Spring Vacation……

  1. Steve, I will follow your blog. I’ll miss reading your astute and witty observations on FB. Wishing you and Sharon a terrific and safe vacation!

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  2. The actions of some governors has been overboard. Laws are made by state legislators, not governors.
    Common sense, it seems to me, has flown out the window. While some citizens have chosen to be paranoid in their restricting behavior, others are using common sense in dealing with fears of this virus. Due to my age and some medical issues, I use a mask when shopping and doing other events when with others. My hands have never seen so much soap and water. Most people are social individuals, so isolation is self abusive.

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    1. I agree with you Donna, with a notable exception. Our constitutions are framed in a way that permits executive authority Governors) to issue binding executive order, in time of declared emergencies. These orders are enforceable with penalties. Most Governors have declared emergencies.


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