Covid…..Beyond the Disease……

America is more mobile today than at anytime in our history. We move around a lot and nuclear families that live in the same town are becoming rarities. Trips to our parents home in rural or small town venues often involve drives or flights of many miles and the rigors of working in today’s demanding market tend to dampen one’s enthusiasm for a thousand mile drive to attend a picnic on a Sunday afternoon. Enter covid. The impact of this virus is felt in many ways not related to being physically sick. Are you a victim of strained or destroyed relationships as a result of this malady………if so you have plenty of company.

Satan paints a pretty picture, doesn’t he?

First the malady. We know more about this virus and it’s implications than at any time since it’s grand entrance on the world’s stage, and yet there is much we don’t know. Self proclaimed experts have us wearing masks, or not. They want open schools, or not. The virus was handled, politically correctly, or not. The folks who have challenged the authority of political mandates to open or close businesses are hero’s, or not. Folks who err on the side of caution and mask up with a gel bottle in their bag are germaphobic zealots, or not. Pro maskers display disdain to those who do not wear them, and those who do not wear them ask why you are wearing the stupid mask. When you are 70, you view a bout of Covid with a great deal more respect than when you are 20. Kids are basically immune, or not. Depending upon your view, Covid has killed thousands in America, or not. The popular rage today is that underlying conditions cause the deaths, conveniently ignoring that death, from underlying conditions, might have been avoided had you not contracted the disease.

Let’s cut to the chase here. Covid has become the hottest political issue in America since Vietnam. One’s view of this disease is shaped by one’s political view in general. Either I have been asleep, or we are experiencing the deepest political divide in our country’s existence. The hatred that is the hallmark of political campaigning today loves a contributing circumstance. Covid is just that circumstance. Depending upon your political perspective, the management of Covid has been a disaster or the work of the best minds in the country, who have adjusted to the ever increasing knowledge base relative to the disease. Under no circumstances will one side of the political spectrum concede the other side did something the right way. We should shut the economy down, or not. We should build thousands of ventilators, or not. We need thousands of hospital beds, or not. In combat, when time permits, you develop a plan and attack. The wise warrior understands your plans may go to hell in minutes and you had better be ready to adapt. Combat with Covid demands the same respect.

America’s problem is not so much with Covid as it is with pride and taking a stand on one side or the other of an issue that really has no sides. Friendships have been destroyed in the murky waters surrounding Covid and it’s implications. Family relationships have been strained because of this microscopic little virus from the depths of hell. Medical professionals differ dramatically on the implications and management of Covid. Why shouldn’t we form opinions as well? We should, but the smart individual doesn’t push the envelope when arguing for or against a position on the management of this malady. Why?

Because there is no way of knowing who is right or who is wrong until that day in the future when history and the rear view mirror provide the answers. If you have wagered a friendship on one of the implications of this malady, I am sorry. Your wager will become one of your lifelong regrets when you summarize your wins and losses in the end.

From experience, I know this.

Have a great holiday!


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