A Culture of Hatred……

This writing is not intended as a political informational, rather a look at the America we have become. We are surrounded by a deep, narrow eyed, visceral kind of hatred that moves less disciplined people to react in ways that are patently destructive. As a professional police officer, I have witnessed the damage that hatred can do firsthand, however; never have I seen it sweep so many folks so fast.

America is fed up with the political establishment in Washington. It is what propelled Mr. Trump into office. If Mr. Trump loses this election, it will not be as a result of a deep sense of love and respect for Mr. Biden, it will be because about one half of the nation despises Mr. Trump. This is evident in any serious reflective conversation with an honest liberal who will immediately change the thrust of a conversation about Mr. Biden to a deriding commentary about Mr. Trump. Hatred may decide this election, not policy or accomplishment or Covid…..hatred.

The destructive nature of hatred

It has become quite fashionable to challenge the so called “white privilege” with destructive activity in our cities. Burning down our cities, destroying historical artifacts, defacing the graves of our military is the result of pent up rage or hatred. You see very few accomplished, successful, employed folks on the front lines of the destructive wave that has us buying guns at an unprecedented level. Somehow, our educational institutions are convincing our kids that socialism is the answer and the redistribution of wealth will guarantee a chicken in every pot. In our society, to date, wealth is accumulated by hard work, discipline and character. Successful middle class America enjoys a life they worked for, it is that simple. When you see hordes of folks, mostly non-achievers, storm into a middle class neighborhood and raise hell, that is hatred of the people who have things the hordes don’t have and think they are “entitled” to.

A very visible faction of our society hates authority. The progress we have made over the past decade or so is down the tube. The media, ginning up hatred for the institution of policing, is on full display. Every time a threatening, likely sociopathic person, brandishing a weapon or resisting the police, is hurt or killed, we cry for justice in the form of castigating the officer(s). Police work involves split second judgements and swift reaction. The mounting toll of officers killed this year points to the necessity of the use of force, sometimes deadly, in this profession. Polls conducted within Missouri in regard to the public perception of my old agency, have consistently shown very high levels of appreciation and acceptance. Hatred has not arrived here, but is knocking on the door. Like cancer, hatred is always on the lookout for a new place to settle in.

When you watch the evening “news” you will note the disturbing trend of children carrying often obscene signs and posters as they join the parents on a crusade for or against some American institution. It is appalling and counter to the decency that we were once known for. This is one way we keep hatred alive. I mentioned “news” in this paragraph. Network media, as an institution, deserves much credit for fanning the flames of dissension. Social media is front and center in this discussion. They have tremendous power over the message and are guilty of buying into the hatred game. The media hates Mr. Trump and have a very high pulpit to preach from. When you take on folks who buy ink by the barrel and paper by the ton, you will have a tough fight on your hands.

I am ending where I began. Tuesday, America will go to the polls. This is not an election where the winner will be decided by their record, rather it will be an election where hate is the central theme. I enjoyed past political seasons, spirited debate, discernible truths and policy differences on display. This has been a hellish season and when the dust settles, we have much to consider going forward. I have watched hatred kill family members, neighbors, businesses and even pets. The only time in my lifetime that I have seen hatred reign supreme is in combat…….where you are trained to hate and kill. Hatred is lurking everywhere in America and we had better understand it’s compelling nature. It is far more dangerous than Covid…of this you may be assured!

Have a great weekend and be safe with the kiddos as they do the Halloween thing!


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