The New Guy Is In Office…….

Folks, it is time to shift gears and focus on our job ahead. Whether you think he won, stole or other wise assumed the Presidency through fraud, chicanery or other means, Joey Biden is the new sheriff in town. You saw it happen on live TV, replete with his wonderful son, Hunter by his side. We don’t have to like it, but we’re going to live with it until his waning mental capacity runs out or he is timed out in four years. If the Trump administration taught us anything, it taught us how to criticize like never before. Hang on Joey, you’re not going to like this.

Where the hell was your plea for unity four years ago, Joey?

First, follow the money. The new administration is going to need buckets of it to push their agenda through. Covid has taught us that being thrifty at the government level is not necessary. Thrifty is a word to describe what ordinary Americans are living through to keep the lights on and food on the table. The progressive agenda, that will bite Joey in the ass every waking minute he is in office, will cost an arm and a leg, all through taxation, something the Democratic Party knows a lot about. The lying has started with Corn Pop Joey reneging on his promise to distribute 2 grand to Americans for Covid relief. Check the headlines in Georgia where Democratic leaders are already having buyers remorse over their Senatorial vote for guys who promised a “new” check for the big 2 which is now being scaled back by Corn Pop, to 1400.

Next we need to watch this immigration thing. We have third world throngs on the march, loudly quoting Corn Pop’s pledge to open our borders. It is going to take a lot of money to feed these new Democratic voters and take care of their medical needs. Remember, Corn Pop wants the census redone to include these folks in the count so as to inflate voter roles, increase Democratic Base support and favorably impact re-districting. Corn Pop has already shut down construction of the wall, which is akin to fencing half of your yard….but that is another story.

Next up, for folks that are engaged, is the 2d Amendment. Corn Pop and his troop have never seen a gun they like. The courts have generally viewed the 2d Amendment favorably for folks who understand guns so we breathe a little more easily. Before you grab your AR and rip a magazine down range at steel plate, think about taxation. Taxation has nothing to do with anything other than raising money and influencing a political issue. When the courts finally decide YOU can decide what kind of gun you want, Corn Pop and his crew will tax the hell out of ammunition and accessories to a level that makes owning a gun on par with owning a car. Remember, Obama pushed his health care fiasco through on the basis of taxation.

Now for the Covid thing. Corn Pop has no more idea about how to improve this situation than I do. He is issuing an order suggesting that a mask on airplanes and trains is going to fix the problem. He is going to manage the roll out of vaccines expeditiously, never mind that until manufacturing capacity is geared up, his super efficient distribution plan has nothing to distribute. You do have to marvel, though, on his selling of Corona virus mismanagement to enough folks to get him the seat in the Oval Office.

Let’s talk gasoline. Corn Pop and his pal John Kerry, are going to fix the world wide pollution problem through an all out war on the fossil fuel industry. Never mind that most of the precious metals necessary to battery production come from Russia and China, and that solar power, to date, has evolved to the point where a good solar powered Seiko watch will quit in a day or so without being in the presence of the sun. Most of the world wants clean air, but the big guns in nasty air are China and Russia, at last check run by the Communist Party who have little regard for the opinions of John “Swift boat” Kerry and Corn Pop. Please don’t ignore the application of taxes on fossil fuels, remember, we have learned that political gains can be made through this wonderful tool!

Finally there is the push for what I call “unisex”. We have a new cabinet level, transgender person in Corn Pop’s circus. I get it, boys can love boys and girls can love girls, the commercials on television are teaching us this in no uncertain terms. I am an old veteran and sometimes you get naked in wartime situations, and with the confusion of combat that permeates a battlefield, I am not sure that having a person who exhibits characteristics of both sexes in a fighting position with you is a good thing. I can guarantee there is going to be tension and likely a problem here…..but what the heck, to each his own. My advice to Corn Pop is to slow down just a bit. It has taken us hundreds of years to get where we are, and this process will not be helped by the new found urgency that Corn Pop’s rainbow coalition is pushing.

We are in for a ride, my friends, and we must not lose focus. We are up to our armpits in the liberal revolution comprised of the media, the progressives and the democratic arm of the Republican Party. Stay vigilant and in touch with the courageous, not yet jaundiced legislators we know are out there. Re-focus………part one is in the books.

Have a wonderful weekend!


5 thoughts on “The New Guy Is In Office…….

  1. Love it, Steve. Thank you for your blog, and for sharing your thoughts, which you put into words so eloquently. I enjoy the heck out of your writings. Keep up the great work!

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