Hellcats Come In Many Forms…….

MOPAR has a relatively new automobile on the market that is appropriately named Hellcat after the mythical creature that can be found in literature. Hellcats possess many attributes such as tenacity, viciousness and fearlessness. Aside from the soon to be legendary Dodge, three other Hellcats come to mind when I consider this mythical creature. One is an airplane, the second a firearm and the third the diminutive lady I am married to. Your personal images of a Hellcat may differ, but we all have them.

F6F Hellcat began combat in August of 1943

The Hellcat airplane was a pugnacious, 2000 HP, hot rod that could climb at 3400’ per minute to an altitude of 37000’. While it rested on a carrier deck with it’s wings folded, it was a rather peaceful looking little guy in spite of being equipped with six 50 cal machine guns and the ability to carry 2000 pounds of bombs. A skillful pilot, such as Lt. Bill Hardy, dealt the Japanese hell in aerial combat. Hardy, on one sortie lasting just over a hour, shot down 5 Japanese planes over the Pacific. This airplane could also take a beating and bring the pilot back to his carrier.

A Springfield Armory Hellcat Pistol

Next up we have a Hellcat in a little different form, that of a micro pistol, developed by the Springfield Armory folks over in Illinois. These little guys are designed for concealed carry by folks who are so inclined. Do not be fooled by its concealable size. This is a big boy (girl) handgun, packing up to 14 rounds of potent 9mm fodder, more than enough in most circumstances to slow down a bad guy (girl) with bad intentions. Properly concealed this little guy is the perfect antidote to folks who increasingly walk among us not caring who they hurt or threaten. Like the airplane, it is best suited to well trained hands and people who understand the implications of it’s employ against armed enemies. This is the same Hellcat that bit me a week ago, on the range, when I carelessly placed a thumb in the path of the slide.

The Sweetest
Hellcat I know

Finally. We have the third Hellcat whose appearance is deceptive. Miss Sharon is the picture of an articulate, well raised and educated lady. She can carry a conversation with both a dumpster diver and professor with equal acumen. She loves kids, animals and kind people of all descriptions. She can back a 400 HP John Deere with skill, shoot with either hand and knows her way around the kitchen with a skill honed by a mother who was a farm chef. She can respond with grace and sympathy and has a winning smile. Do not be misled by these qualities. When cut off in traffic, she can deliver an oath that would scare a sumo wrestler, has little tolerance for people who are rude, and even less tolerance for parents who are ruining their children with their inability to correct them or teach them whom the adult in the room is. She also has an uncanny ability to communicate volumes with a narrowing of the eyes and artful pause in conversation. It is why I love her. I do not have to guess in our relationship.

So we have an airplane, handgun and lady that all easily earn their monikers of Hellcat. I believe that an association with a Hellcat of some form makes life richer and challenges normalcy, whatever that is. Here is to a great week ahead. Take a minute or two to consider your Hellcats, or better yet, whether you are a Hellcat yourself!


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