Why Biden Doesn’t Get It On Crime….,..

We are asking a lot when we trust Joe Biden to find the answers to our surging violent crime problem in America. He is a one song virtuoso, chanting gun control and gun violence in his daily missive to the people. Joe, there are 400 million guns in civilian hands in America, more guns than people, the vast majority of which are in the hands of lawful gun owners and not the folks leading the unprecedented rise in homicide and other violent crime. There were 4,000 more people murdered in 2020 than in 2019, and these murders were not committed by members of the NRA and other lawful, peaceful Americans. Crime is a by-product of people. Look to what drives the trends, not the tools used in the trend.

Violent crime in the last three years is up by 30%. Guns? No, according to Amy Swearer, a fellow at the Heritage Foundation who is a critical thinker on the business of crime. She attributes the incredible increase in violent crime to the pandemic and resultant lockdowns as much as anything. She is right, of course, it is people under pressure that break, not the cold steel in a gun. We have elected a slate of woke bureaucrats, particularly in our big cities, who in the name of doing something have veered off the tracks and are exacerbating the problem by taking a counter intuitive approach to this issue. They are softening rather than hardening our response to criminality. You do not change the behavior of a chicken eating dog by feeding him more chicken. You also do not mitigate the incredible increase in violent crime by turning criminals back to the streets with little or no accountability. We have a problem, there is no doubt, but guns in lawful hands are not the problem.

A police officer and his client!

Folks who champion the defund the police movement are clueless puffs of wasted air. When you cut police funding, programs such as gang violence, intervention and other community services are the first to go. In my hometown, a conservative but evolving community, the police are committed to a call for some type of service well in excess of 90% of their time on duty. They are significantly under staffed and forced to ignore issues related to community education and outreach. There simply is not time for the prevention side of the crime issue as opposed to the investigation side of a crime that has already occurred. The agenda of the far left, who are championing the ignorance of reduced police presence and holding legal gun owners responsible for existing crime, is mystifying.

What are we to do about the sharpest increase in violent crime in this nation’s history? I wish that I knew. I can suggest to Biden and his collection of dopplegangers that his current strategy is not only worthless but counter productive. Any emergency services responder knows the first order of business is to stabilize the scene and prevent further harm. Knee jerking does exactly the opposite, and the left is showing championship form in the science of knee jerking. I can say with absolute certainty that taking a gun away from a law abiding citizen who is committed to self preservation in the face of a monumental crime wave is not part of the solution. Leave that alone Biden, as that ship has sailed..

Two days ago, I was looking around Savannah for a manual car wash to clean up Cirrus the Ram. Instead I found a street wise couple of enterprising black guys on a corner with a broken down van, a trailer, a power washer and generator. I hired them to wash Cirrus. They noticed my thin blue line wrist band and, naturally, a conversation ensued. The boss was a tough guy, a product of the streets and system. He told me the money was good on pretty days, the work was hard and the overhead steep with the supply of chemicals and materials in this business. He was proud of his “honest” money and that a change was necessary lest he suffer the consequences of a questionable alternative to working. He get’s it. When what you are doing isn’t working, change it up and start in a new direction. Logical. If only Biden could grasp this basic reasoning.

What we are doing in America to change the trajectory of crime isn’t working, hasn’t worked in the past and will solve nothing in the future. Guns are an easy target for some politicians and their clans. Give it a rest guys and recognize we are dealing with unprecedented pressures brought about by the gross mishandling of pandemic generated social issues. It is obvious that Joe Biden does not get it. The guys on the corner, washing cars do…….

Have a great weekend!


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