Where Are They………..

Sometime ago, I resolved to not rely on my blogs to craft political hit pieces, although the fodder for such is scattered about ankle deep in our country today. My question is not rhetorical, I genuinely wonder where the 30% or so of Americans are that approve of Joe Biden’s job performance. Pollsters provide us this number. My musings are prompted by Elon Musk’s discovery that fully a third, if not more, of Biden’s followers on Twitter are actually bots. They don’t exist. Does Biden’s third exist…..or are they also bots? Who among us can name a single program or event masterminded by this administration that is widely accepted as beneficial and constructive?

Joe, waving to his BOTS, that form the basis of his 30% approval rating.

I watched an interview recently with a Hispanic commenter who suggested one of the reasons for Biden’s record low approval rating among his demographic is the disappointment they feel with the Hunter Biden saga, reminding them of the corruption that immigrants are trying to leave behind in their countries. His is an excellent point. Where are the folks among us that don’t grasp the significance of the Afghanistan horror show and the message it sent to the rest of the world? How in the name of all that is sacred can anyone accept the current economic crises as okay? Biden has grandiose economic plans that involve spending trillions (with a “t”) of dollars on dubious give aways, like paying off college debt at the expense of millions of hard working American’s earning a living while relying on the many options that do not involve a degree for the sake of having one. I cannot wrap my mind around the acceptance of opening the southern border, much less the blatantly dishonest denial of this event. The situation on our border is another horror show and we are to believe that a third of Americans approve? The latest revelation that stores of baby formula exist on the border, earmarked for alien infants at the expense of of our babies at home, is an affront to the sensibilities of anyone who genuinely cares about this country. I am not anti-electric as an alternative energy source, however anyone with a smidgen of common sense can see the concept is not ripe and we must continue to rely on fossil fuels for years to come. Fossil fuel drives our economy. Where are the 30 percenters who are okay with the current energy policy?

I could go on, but it isn’t necessary. Allegedly, there exists a sizable number of folks who think the above realities are the essence of “a good job” by this President. Why can’t these same folks see the challenges the world is tossing our way with this feckless man at the helm. Russia is making it’s move and we are in a war by proxy with them in the Ukraine, likely to be a trillion dollar war before it is over. China is challenging us on every economic level, as they sense now is the time with this administration in the left seat. Countries are queuing up to join NATO so as to place themselves under our economic umbrella, even though they have contributed little if anything to the NATO budget. Did Vietnam or Afghanistan teach America anything? You be the judge………

So, where are these folks? I do not believe they exist. I am also confident if you can locate one of these challenged folks, he or she can’t get two words deep in their justification without mentioning Donald Trump. They have resoundingly made their point. They prefer Biden to Trump, but do they honestly think he has done a better job? Please. Sometime ago a prominent politician said that Joe Biden was wrong on nearly every foreign policy decision he was involved in. Folks, leopards do not change their spots and Biden hasn’t changed his. If you are one of the thirty percenters that approves…….sit back with a cup of coffee, a yellow pad and pencil and jot down why you feel this way. I don’t think you exist….instead I think you are one of Elon Musk’s bots.

Bots are easy to count but impossible to locate. We may have just solved the problem!

Have a great week ahead!


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