Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons……

It is a spectacular day in America’s real heartland, the Ozarks. When you are under the care of an orthopedic surgeon who has demanded you place your arm out of service until a normal feeling shoulder heals properly, it would be easy to become discouraged. Folks are wandering around the farm across from our house, a conservative local politician is wandering our streets drumming up support while our President, in name only, is relaxing on the beach as pleased with himself as he can be. This isn’t a political piece, though, it is a reminder about how good things are, when things aren’t good at all!

This week, Sam’s Club put out a case of beautiful pork loin roasts for under 2 bucks a pound. Pork loins and butts get our attention, to be expected from a carnivore whose roots surely go back to brontosaurus steaks over a fire. Come to think about it, about anything that has been finished over hickory smoke is pretty damned good. Somewhere along the way this week, I found where an enterprising smoker (hickory, not tobacco) discovered that carefully slicing the roast and braiding the strips resulted in a heavier smoke taste to the loin finished on one of the many great smokers out there. Don’t have a smoker……it is a beautiful day to buy one.

A braided roast. Gotta be a treat……I’ll report later.

Between my shoulder and diesel prices that are horrifying, our RV is lying in state in it’s storage building. Sharon is accomplished in every aspect of setting up and breaking down the trailer, but there are a few things that take a testosterone boost to accomplish (she is a triple rotator cuff surgery survivor) so we are busy finding other ways to enjoy the seasonal warm up. We were back in the theater this week to see the much ballyhooed Top Gun Maverick movie, a tub of warm popcorn and ginger ale in hand. The movie was pure Hollywood schlock, with some neat flying scenes and just the right amount of nostalgia as it bridged the gap from the first Top Gun. It is a reminder of the talent it takes to plant a jet on a carrier deck, master the electronic envelope in todays weapons systems, and what America can do, even though the technology was ancient by today’s standards. It even had just a smidge of chick flick stuff in it, although Tom is getting a little long in the tooth to be chasing the dollies. What a million dollar smile and great hair won’t do for you.

Optimism in the face of pessimism is not always easy. It is a mental state, compounded by a dollar that won’t buy much these days. We will pull out of this dive, level off and fly on. We always do. Center your sights on what is right for you and your family, find alternative sources of pleasure and excitement (our great outdoors remain a tremendous bargain) and be patient. A political worker just knocked on my door and when I answered he immediately asked if I was a Veteran, acknowledging the flag out front. He thanked me for my service and asked for my support for a conservative local pol. I smiled……..that won’t be a problem and he left smiling. Between the roast and this gentleman……we’re off to a great start. Bring on the lemons, I feel the need for lemonade.

Have a great week!

Oh dear Lord…the braided loin was succulent! Our new go to recipe….


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