A Layman’s Guide To Surviving In A Democracy……

Whew! What a week. As I write, America is responding to two decisions handed down by what some are calling an unelected, meaningless Supreme Court. I can’t imagine being so irrelevant in life that you are reduced to printing stupid slogans and ignorant rankings on poster board, venturing forth in this heat and challenging decisions that are in print by a thoughtful high court. I am so moved by the hordes that have taken to the street that I thought a simple guide to help folks cope with things that annoy them would be in order. Disagreement is a wonderful part of a Democracy that is also plagued by profound ignorance.

They have spoken

Conservatives have lived (and still live) with challenges to the 2d Amendment and the effects of Roe for many, many years. In spite of their trepidations, they have chosen to not burn things down and take to the street with chest beating verbal commentary such as “To hell with the Supreme Court, we will do as we damn well please with our bodies”. Such is the utter ignorance of alligator mouthed folks like Maxine Waters. Don’t worry about Maxine, she slipped off the track many years ago, instead worry about the handful of idiots that listen to her and, God forbid, vote for her.

Here is how you handle this dreadful news if you don’t agree with the decisions of the Court. First, sit down, draw a deep breath, take a long pull from a bottle of your favorite Napa Valley wine and accept that there exists absolutely no relationship between 2d Amendment issues and abortion. Firearms are protected, specifically, by the Constitution and abortion is not. (Read Ginsberg) The court interprets the Constitution, it’s primary function in life. It does not make laws. Laws are made by legislatures, in the abortion case, state legislatures. The genius here is the court recognizes that folks tend to congregate in like minded enclaves and can make laws either supporting or denouncing abortion or anything for that matter that doesn’t run afoul of the Constitution. On an elevated level, these enclaves are called “states”. Missouri is chock full of Conservatives, so our state will be a very long time approving abortion. The answer. Move to the West Coast. Don’t risk melanoma carrying a sign with a meaningless slogan on it because you have time on your hands. It appears that cash strapped California is on the cusp of providing financial assistance to Missourians who “need” an abortion. Give ‘em a call if you get in a jam because you do not understand contraception.

About guns. Missouri is loaded with folks who carry and own guns. So is Chicago. The difference being that we carry lawfully and gang bangers in Chi-town do not. If you are concerned with the probability of being gunned down in the Windy City on your way for a great deep dish pizza, move to Missouri where you at least have a sporting chance of shooting the asshat that is attempting to kill you. If you do not like the literal interpretation of the 2d Amendment, move to the West Coast, or New York. The disarming of law abiding citizens in those locales has been ever so effective in reducing violent crime on their streets.

Here Joe Biden shows us an “assault” rifle……

Let’s wrap this up. There are 50 states and the District of Columbia. Each views social rule a little differently and is free to establish any (Constitutional) law it wants to. The legislatures are placed there by the people and in a Democracy, the majority have the final say. If you are sickened by your state’s posture, feel free to relocate to a state that mirrors your belief. The alternative is to hang on until your view becomes the majority view and and then change the rules. In fairness, you’re going to be waiting a long time in Missouri to change our position on either of these issues so be careful in the sun carrying that ridiculous sign. Melanoma is nothing to mess with….

Have a great week!


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