A View From The Street……..

It has been an enlightening week, politically speaking. Our pollsters have again failed to grasp the realities of group think and America is once again living with razor thin political majorities as we finish choosing our leadership for the next two years. This writing is intended to capture the view from the street as seen by an old trooper who relied on pragmatism to guide his response to the many challenges of lending dignity to the chaos that represents human behavior. I usually avoid entering the political arena in my weekly missives, but I have seen enough. The chicanery that is the backbone of the Biden administration is beyond the pale and I am tired of being treated by his mob as if I am a weak lemming, defenseless as I march to the sea.

First up is the motive behind the current Democratic political ambition. I could end here by simply suggesting a one word summary, “power”. Power is job one. It is their way or hit the street. When queried about his response to the current finding that 70% of America thinks we are on the wrong track, Biden says he intends to change nothing as he goes forward. He does not care what America thinks, he believes he is right and the vast majority of Americans can go to hell.

Why should I give a tinker’s damn what you think?

The current strategy on our southern border is simple. Under Biden’s laughable border strategy, at least a half million illegals have dispersed into our country. With congressional political races being decided by mere hundreds of votes, these folks represent a critical voting bloc that can be expected to vote for the individual and political party that has welcomed them in, illegally. He is relying on executive orders to shape majorities in any number of close races which determine the balance of power in DC. Along with their votes these folks are contributing to the 134% increase in Fentanyl seizures in FY 2021. In their quest for power, a few deaths as a result of this scourge is a small price to pay. Our Border patrol made over 1.6 million arrests in FY2021 alone, and the number has since increased dramatically. Great job, Joe. Form your very own pool of dedicated voters.

When you look at the distribution of political power in America, it becomes apparent that major east and west coast cities are providing tremendous electoral clout. They tend to be lawless enclaves protected by woke prosecutors who refuse to hold the miscreants accountable. Biden’s temporarily halted scheme to pay off huge student loan depths constitutes a power grab by promising the proverbial “chicken in every pot” of days past. His scheme is contrary to the separation of powers as enumerated by the constitution. He knows this, but also knows the mere suggestion is welcomed by the millions of folks who have encumbered their educations and welcome the handout, irrespective of the fairness of doing. So, to hell with the millions who have covered their debt and/or sought another educational venue to prepare for their life’s work. The Democratic majority has bankrolled his magnificent schemes to redistribute the wealth of working America to those who are lazy and unmotivated. Another guaranteed voting bloc to help ensure the success of the party’s stranglehold on control of Congress.

There are three political parties in America. They are the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and the Media. For reasons that are not entirely clear, the media is hell bent on crushing every conservative aspect of our country. They are as dishonest as the masters they serve, the current administration. They refuse to acknowledge the inherent dishonesty of the Biden cartel, and are as skillful in manipulating the message as Joe and his crew. Only the people can straighten out this mess as the media enjoys the protections the freedom of the press guarantees. They are not to be trusted, however; could care less what we think.

Then, there is the matter of personal accountability. Joe Biden has none. His adoring press is careful to label his lying as “gaffes”. A gaffe is what happens when a dear, old, dementia ridden uncle distorts the truth without a hint of malice, eliciting knowing looks of compassion from the rest of the family. Joe Biden is a liar, has an agenda and has proven skillful at the use of executive order to guarantee his success at furthering his twisted goals. He hates conservative America with a passion and will stop at nothing to relegate us to a footnote in history. He may be an addled old man, but is the perfect foil for an administration determined to have their way or no way.

A final consideration is electoral accountability. The incredible inability of certain key jurisdictions to tally and report the vote is a national embarrassment. I suspect that both sides of the aisle are fed up with the current state of affairs here. The nonsense about so called “voter suppression” is just that, nonsense. When a conservative attempts to streamline the process they are racists, a label that is hard to shake irrespective of the integrity of the person accused.

I executed my professional responsibilities in a vacuum back in the day. I doubt that I could cleanly define conservatism or liberalism. I approached things right down the middle with the advantage always going to the people I dealt with. That is, I believe what the citizens wanted. I’ll be damned if I understand what they want today, but I know what they are getting. Lot’s of free stuff……until the money runs out.

Have a great week!



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