A Winning Strategy…….

As often happens, an evening of banter and shallow concern with the status of our country led Sharon and I into a deeper conversation about the success of the Democratic Party in America. This writing is not a fluff piece, rather it is an attempt to frame a powerful political movement that is on a roll while conservatives sit back and wring their hands. Whether you like him or not, the Trump prosecution for monetary issues surrounding his alleged dalliance with a porn star is a clear indication of the scorched earth policies that are serving the Democrats very well. We are burning Trump at the stake while Gentleman Joe skates through his clear connections to a foreign enemy with the loving support of an adoring press and social media controllers. Here is how an old cop from the Ozarks see’s it.

Republicans are facing an uncertain future as the political landscape evolves

The Democrats, who hang together with the tenacity of a television glue ad, have devised a strategy that Machiavelli would marvel at. Truth and honesty is not in their recipe for ultimate control. They clearly understand how to exploit the inherent weaknesses in a Democracy to gain power and thus perpetuate their ultimate goal, total control. As examples of this exploitation, the Soros backed socialist agenda has delivered a number of major city prosecutors who do not prosecute, thumbing their noses at the rapidly declining concept of “rule of Law”. Major cities are predominately under Democratic control which feeds the decline of these same cities in a quest to promote woke agendas. The Democrats, through the feckless policies of Gentleman Joe, have infused our military with wokeness to a degree not imagined just a few years ago. The Democratic incursion into our schools at every level insures generations of like minded folks that will soon enough be in charge of America.

No description of their tactics would be complete without noting the other pillars of their strategy. Our police forces are increasingly being led by woke administrators who are steadily eliminating the tools that have always been effective in maintaining law and order. The Democrats virtually control the tech world and are transforming our media to champion their ideologies. Our disastrous monetary policy is in the hands of the tax and spend woke movement within Congress. The counter balance to this transformation is supposed to be the Republican Party, the same party who cannot close ranks on something as innocuous as Daylight Savings Time. This being said, the best of the Democratic strategy is yet to come.

The Democratic strangle hold on social media opened the door to their success in the last Presidential election. The corrupt Biden relationship with China was quickly smothered and still smolders under the blanket of protection afforded by the media. Now we have this business of AI, or Artificial Intelligence, that most of us don’t take the time to understand. It represents a supreme opportunity to control our world. AI can be groomed to lie and infiltrate virtually every aspect of our existence. We are playing with a force that few, except the visionaries that are creating this beast, can completely understand. Most of these visionaries are liberal bastions of consciousness and will most certainly structure the entire phenomenon to suit the liberal, Democratic party’s needs.

While the issues are apparent to some conservatives, the solutions are not. When you give folks like Biden the reigns, it is a liberal dream come true. He has lost the mental capacity to make rational decisions, a tragedy exploited by the Democratic Party principals in their pursuit of absolute control of the world as we know it. Add in the rapidly expanding power of the tech world and we have the perfect storm. This old officer believes we are on the precipice of absolute domination by the Democratic Party. If you have stayed with me to this point, remember my admonition. Artificial Intelligence will be the plain brown wrapper the end of conservatism comes wrapped in. As sure as the silence of a snipers bullet, most will never see or hear it coming.

Have a great week!


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