We Found The Bates Hotel In Indiana…….

This week we enjoyed a productive trip back to Cleveland, Ohio where a final series of tests indicated I would likely be around for a while longer. We have learned to be efficient in our 750 mile drive to and from the Clinic, establishing our favorite motels and restaurants along the way. My last test on Tuesday ran us a bit late as the doctor wanted to explain the results personally, causing us to leave town later in the day than planned. No problem, we would drive until tired and find a motel along I-70 for a few hours sleep before the final stretch home. This is a risky strategy as we stopped somewhere between our known locations. We found the Bates Motel of movie fame. I’ll explain.

We found it but escaped before Norman showed up!

Sharon and I are frequent commenters on both Trip Advisor and Yelp, always candid and never cruel. We have had terrific luck relying on Trip Advisor for recommendations as we tour the country. The commenters on the motel we chose got it wrong, with rave reviews and suggestions of cleanliness and comfort. If ever you have wondered about the concern with AI, our experience here might help, as either the commenters are lying or we are seeing AI at work. We were oblivious as this place had won an award in 2022 on Trip Advisor.

This hotel was far from “quaint” and “showing a little age”. It was decrepit and worn out. I am sharing this experience not to disparage the place, run by a gentleman (Norman Bates?) from a third world country, carefully ensconced behind a glass booth in the “lobby”, as in the end we laughed about the experience. Sharon, Tazzy and I opened the door to our room, under the outdoor stairs, to find a stained white bedspread that was every bit as thick as a sliver of parchment. I hopped down to the office and made my concern known to “Norman”, who smiled and apologized. We were exhausted and decided that if I could survive sleeping in a Vietnamese ditch while being shot at, we could survive a few hours here. The bed was mushy, obviously long overdue for replacement and the A/C was loud enough to cover the sounds of chainsaws and such in the middle of the night. We hopped into bed and attempted to sleep when I asked Sharon if Tazzy was still with us as the crack between the door and jamb was sufficient for him to wiggle through. We laughed about our skills in seeking only the best in accommodations. The toilet was not equipped with seatbelts which it needed to keep from being thrown off into a plastic tub that had been shoehorned into the space reserved for a shower.

We dozed off, I am sure with one eye open. About 1 AM the A/C quit, sparing us the noise but returning the room to a stuffy, humidity laden torture chamber. The ambience was enhanced by the faint odor of sweat and disinfectant. We were both awake. We jumped up, dressed and departed after a leisurely three hours of bliss and hit the road. Honestly, you would need hazmat gear to raze the place, which is obviously indicated. Our adventure was not quite over, though, as we needed fuel.

We stopped at a smaller truck stop where I was met by a lady of the night wearing ONLY a bed sheet, shawl style, hurrying to the restroom while her fiscal analyst waited in the car to hustle her back in service to the parked trucks out back. Time is money to these independent contractors. Sharon also saw this hard working woman and we shared yet another laugh. I-70, in Indiana, is bad but as I live and breathe, it is hell after dark. We made it to St. Louis just after daybreak and coasted home better for the experience.

After Tazzy’s deposit is returned, I intend to provide Trip Advisor with a factual overview of the place, but meanwhile when you are anywhere near Indianapolis, choose your accommodations carefully. There really is a Bates Motel. Our RV never looked better………another lesson in the books!

Have a great week!


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