Coffee…the nectar of kings….


Our government watchdogs have weighed in with the latest federal guidelines that seek to re-define, again, what we should and should not eat.  It just keeps getting better……

Today, eggs are in.  Sugar is out, way out and a moderate amount of salt is okay.  That ribeye that is ambrosia to many……not so good for the male population.  The Mediterranean Diet is still getting rave reviews, and if you are a vegan, you should give Methuselah a run  for his money.   All good stuff; however……

The really big news is coffee!  Unless your heart’s ignition system is shaky, up to five, count ’em, five cups of this magic elixir is okay in a day’s time.  Joy unbounded!  Now we’re talking….

I managed to make it through a stint in the US Army without developing a taste for coffee, an occasional cup of which I generously sweetened and diluted with cream until it was unrecognizable.  I was able to avoid it’s evil attraction through the Academy……and then the wheels came off.  I hopped in my Training Officer’s cruiser on the first of January and we began the metamorphisis from a wanabee trooper to the real thing…….by fighting crime between the various coffee shops in the county. I had no choice, and promptly became an addict….

Regrets?  Not one.  Coffee is my friend. I can now have it in a hundred variations, always just the right strength thanks to my magic  machine that transforms a little plastic cup of carefully selected, organically grown, ground beans into a steaming cup of goodness with the push of a button.  All this without the guilt and social stigma associated with the other addictions out there………like a perfectly grilled ribeye, drenched in steak butter and spices…..

Thanks, USDA, you damn sure got this one right!


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