My New Friend…Whitey Bulger….

I am in phase three of cardiac rehabilitation, the result of a bad mitral valve and a crosswired electrical system.  The valve issue is old news, first diagnosed during the initial Highway Patrol physical in 1971.  With deep respect to Paul Corbin and his reliance on Dr. Kenneth Cooper, these problems really are not exercise impacted and were both solved by the wizards at the Cleveland Clinic.  I know, you are looking at the title and wondering what this has to do with the notorious Whitey Bulger.

Two weeks ago, I was dog trotting along nicely on a treadmill at the Lake Regional rehab facility when a gentleman checked in and immediately climbed onto an elliptical and began his routine which, I think, is designed to burn the damned thing up.  He was the  spitting image of James “Whitey” Bulger, the infamous boss of the Winter Hill Gang in Boston, Mass.  A cold blooded killer.   Not close, folks, but really, spooky close.  A chiseled chin, swept back white hair, stamina and a great smile…..a smile that could say “I’m getting away with something”.  I stopped in my tracks, not wise on a treadmill, and rolled off the back of the thing, all the time watching “Whitey Bulger” pounding the elliptical.  I knew this could not be Whitey, he was snatched in Florida back in June of 2011 by the FBI…………wasn’t he?  I recalled he had been an FBI informant, a clever man capable of working both sides of the street….and that he was supposed to spend the rest of his life in prison…..wasn’t he?  I introduced myself and asked if he had ever been told he resembled Whitey Bulger.  He smiled expansively and responded with “Whitey who”?   Not reassuring, believe me.  Still smiling, he told me he would Google this Mr. Bulger and read up….I grabbed my cell phone, quickly found a picture of the real Whitey Bulger and showed it to this gentleman and he smiled again, looked me squarely in the eye and said, “it makes you wonder who they really have in jail doesn’t it”………..

It was a awhile, but my heart rate finally dropped to a level that I could clear the cardiac RN’s desk and head out, another very good session in the books.  This Bulger look alike is really Mr. Bob King and he resides in Camdenton after a career as a managing engineer, mostly in Kansas.  He is an affable fellow, with a ready smile, and a great sense of humor.  During our short interview, I asked Mr. King if he had ever been to Boston.  He smiled and said………..”only on business”.

I really like Mr. King………but I am not turning my back on him, not before I read some more on the capture of Whitey down in Florida.

Think about it…….



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