On Being Fortunate…..

imageSharon and I were out and about for awhile yesterday afternoon, as it was just too pretty to not do something on a nearly perfect day.  We stopped at a local, national chain eatery for lunch and enjoyed a totally unremarkable hamburger, served on a bun slightly older than Sharon…..probably close to my age and that, my friends,  is an old bun!  Rather than grouse, an appropriate response these days to about everything, we talked about how fortunate we really are.  (The picture is of my grand-daughter, Kaelin)

We are fortunate to be selecting a President in a democratic fashion.  Rather than throw my hat into that fray prematurely, I choose to let the pot boil a bit longer….surprises are the norm in this business, and I am confident there will be much more suspense.  We are fortunate that whatever is finally agreed upon will likely not dent our lifestyle much, but will certainly give us reason to grouse a little more.

We are fortunate to be oblivious to whatever ailments are lurking within us, able to still enjoy the activities we choose.  There are many whose lot in life has emerged from behind door three, a sobering reminder that health trumps riches and reward, every day of the week.

We are fortunate to enjoy the company of like minded friends and the freedom to smile broadly and walk away from those who do not share our philosophies, goals and activities.  Conversely, we are fortunate to have friends who do not share these considerations, thus offering us an opportunity to see life from a different angle.  I can guarantee you will walk into a post, sooner or later, if you do not keep your eyes open in our country today!

We are fortunate in that we enjoy a “normal” family, perhaps a stretch here and there.  Our children and grandchildren are reasonably well adjusted and productive folks.  Quirky, perhaps, surprising at times, but always there when you circle the wagons in response to an external threat.

We are fortunate to have tastes within our means.  You don’t miss what you have never experienced, sort of like power steering or electric windows.  These conveniences were abstract until you used them………I have always loved Corvettes, but until acquiring one a few years ago, was okay without one.  Now, my attention has turned to airplanes, a consideration that makes a new Corvette look pretty mundane….

Finally, today’s assignment is to grab the positive side of your life and go with it.  Start with a really good coffee (my favorite is Marley, Mystic Morning) do something purely impulsive (legal of course) and roll with the day.

Choose to be fortunate, not to be confused with Pollyanna, and own the day, whether it be fishing, mushroom hunting or enjoying the Cards or Royals.  A road trip sounds good to me…I know where we can grab a really good pizza.  It looks like a great morning to uncover the Red Baron, and enjoy that Harley resonance..

It is good to be fortunate..image

2 thoughts on “On Being Fortunate…..

  1. As I take my walk with my dog, Diego, this morning I will think about your blog and what you wrote. It is all so true, we should be blessed with all the wonderful things we have in our lives. We have more than we realize. Sometimes we just take them for granted. Others have far less than we have. We need to enjoy each and everyday, enjoying that cup of coffee, enjoying that walk, enjoying that ballgame or reading a good book.

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