Rain On The Way…..

imageThe folks who know a lot about a lot of things are promising rain today, much needed for our farming community and to fill the lake that we enjoy.  I am up early this morning, preparing to squeeze a fishing expedition in between the sunrise and promised rain.  The picture is what greeted me…..a gift from the Master.  I trust he won’t mind my tinting it blue from the beautiful red that suggests that “red skies at morn, sailors be warned”.

I chose blue to continue the remembrance of those in the uniformed services who continue to bet their lives on our well being and lose……

It seems as if this casual indifference is being extended from our law enforcement officers to fire fighters, with these folks increasingly being targeted by people who obviously do not get it.  For them, I have included the picture below, in glorious red, representative of their profession.

Yesterday, I discussed the unbelievable good fortune that most of us enjoy.  We cannot become complacent, nor can we take this good fortune for granted.  For the most part our existence, in a relatively orderly society, is because we have rules and folks who either enforce them or work hard to minimize the damage that results from either ignoring or challenging them.

Of course, I have no idea what the Master had mind when he sent these photo opportunities, but am fortunate once again to note them and bend them to my agenda.

To say thank you isn’t much, but today it is all I have…..with a couple of pictures for emphasis.image.jpeg


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