My Favorite Writer…..

image.jpegIt should come as no surprise that I enjoy reading.  I have a marked preference for non-fiction work, which of course spares me the burden of reading about the Clintons.  A reader asked me who my favorite writer is, and after much careful consideration I have narrowed the list to a fellow who knows a lot about a lot of things as opposed to my personal philosophy of knowing a little about some things, mostly inconsequential at that.  I am referring to the incomparable David E. Petzal, a writer for Sports Afield.  Mr. Petzal writes about guns, hunting, politics and the business of killing or “blood sport” to my liberal friends, (all both of them).  He does not suffer fools and is capable of answering a technical question with dexterity, clarity and a throat punch to anyone who might need this reality check.  When you have the time, Google Mr. Petzal and read his work.  You will be entertained and, I promise, informed.

Mr. Petzal is a realist.  He speaks glowingly of folks like Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer and Clinton, the folks who have never really gotten it.  Of Schumer he mentions a little known study by the Insurance Underwriters of America that revealed the single most dangerous act in the world is to get between him and a television camera……and you probably thought it was dispatching a wounded Cape Buffalo in the African bush!  Stupidity irritates Mr. Petzal, like the stamp on gun barrels: “Warning: This Firearm Is Dangerous”, yet another red flag for the PETA folks who may not have figured that out.  Mr. Petzal writes of the real code of the west, where Cowboys settled their differences just a tad differently than depicted in the movies.  This may be traumatic for those that read fiction, but real Cowboys shot the hell out of each other in the back……they weren’t stupid enough to square off in the street, thus practically guaranteeing their mutual demise!  These are but a precious few indications of the man’s genius.

David E. Petzal is the kind of writer that I would love to enjoy a summer evening on the deck with, sipping something long aged in a wooden barrel, soaking up his practical wisdom.  You would had to have a few too many of these libations to challenge him on his real business, guns and hunting.  I can only imagine his steely stare just before the throat punch…image.jpeg

Talent, knowledge and courage.  Mr. David E. Petzal.  Google him, he is that good.


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