Donald Trump……

image.jpegMr. Trump is now the presumptive nominee and has moved squarely into the crosshairs of the most active component of the Democratic Party, the media.  My readers know that Mr. Trump was not my choice from the huge slate of Republican hopefuls, however I sensed early on that he was on a winning trajectory.  Mr. Trump correctly read America’s anger and tapped squarely into it………

Is he the perfect candidate?  Of course not…….let’s have a look.

He has allegedly alienated the Hispanic vote.  He has or will alienate the women’s vote.  His foreign policy positions are not grounded. He tends to bully.  He is publicly profane.  He references his endowment.  He is blustery.  He is belittling.  He has been inconsistent on the 2d Amendment.  He is insulting.  He is going to “make” Mexico pay for a wall on our border with them.  He touts his charm with women.  He brags about his personal wealth.  He has bragged about his IQ.  He has threatened other candidates wives.  He can be publicly obnoxious. His negative rating is sky high.image.jpeg


He is a winner.  He genuinely appears to love our military and other uniformed services.  He obviously knows how to select a winning staff.  He has business acumen.  He appears to be fearless.  Barring a historical political tsunami, he will be the Republican nominee.  He is not a jaded insider and has skin just a little thicker than an elephant’s.  Most importantly, he is not Hillary Clinton.

Good luck, Mr. Trump.  Your formidable list of negatives makes you look like a Jesuit Priest compared to Hillary.  I am certainly willing to give you a chance…something I will never do for a Clinton….never.image


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