A Chunk of Concrete…..

image.jpegMy folks are buried in the National Cemetary in Florence, South Carolina, a city that does not take for granted the service of military veterans.  To this end they have created a Veteran’s Park, a beautiful walk through reminder of the incredible sacrifices made in the protection of America.  This photo is of a simple monument, in this park, bearing a chunk of concrete removed from the Pentagon after the 9-11 assault on America.  It serves as a sobering reminder that freedom isn’t free and when you are the leader of the free world, you can expect to be challenged.

In the incredible democracy that is America, we elect folks to represent our interests and give them broad lattitude to execute the will of the people.  Such as it is with the President and Congress.  These folks speak for us, no easy task as Americans aren’t mindless sheep, or lemmings on their way to the sea.  This representative form of government works best in a democracy however; is not the exclusive province of democracy, which is my point today.

The Muslim faith is widely touted as a religion of peace. It is comprised of millions of people world wide, and the views of their faith is represented by their numbers who have sworn to destroy America.  It is time we accord them the same level of respect that is accorded our elected leadership.  By respect, I mean the level of respect you accord a rattlesnake or serial killer.  This form of respect has nothing to do with reverence.  Their representatives, the so-called radical Muslims, have marginalized the entire Muslim community.  It is simple, really, the President speaks for us, the radical element of the Muslim  faith speaks for them.  These folks are hell bent on our destruction and you cannot meet this profound antagonism with kindness and understanding.  Until such time as the Muslim faith marginalizes their radical element, they are nothing more than aiding and abetting the activities of their renegade brethren.  History reminds us the price for the attempted destruction of America, by necessity, must be extraordinarily high, evidenced by our response to Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.  I suspect neither of these countries wants to interfere with our democracy again, as it should be.

This chunk of concrete is a reminder of the intent of the leadership of the Muslim faith, represented by the so called radical element.  As I looked at it, in the bright morning sun, I was again angered by the audacity of these people.  What would Ike, Reagan, Truman or John Kennedy have done?  The question is rhetorical, but you can bet their response would certainly convey the message that we will destroy that which seeks to destroy us.  There must be fight in the big dog……

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