Circling the Wagons……

It must have been brutal.  Heat, cold, rain and snow swirling about as our forefathers trekked across the plains in search of fame, fortune and perhaps a new lease on a worn existence.  There were no Interstates, replete with rest stops and climate controlled eateries along the way.  Rather than rely on a GPS or two, one in dash and one on the dash for good measure, you were careful to stay on the wagon track and trust the memory and experience of the wagon master to get you through the journey.  When a threat developed, raiders of some description or other, you circled the wagons and fiercely defended yourself from inside.  So it was and still is with America.image.jpeg

The derisivness that is gripping our great republic is really nothing new.  Like large families that gather for special occasions such as the Fourth of July holiday, we bicker, opine and otherwise disagree with passion and righteousness at will.  All the while, we are careful to keep the wagons circled.  Pick up any periodical, turn on the television, and we seem to be dissolving from within, the look of chaos must be evident to folks from other parts of the world.  Democracy is a messy business, made more so by the freedoms we enjoy.  We have the ability to step up, offer an opinion and criticize zealously that or those we do not agree with.  We are brassy, loud and protective of our way of life……again all from within the circled wagons.

We are actively engaged in the business of selecting a new wagon master.  This new leader is inheriting a country that is polarized, irritable and facing significant external threats.  This selection process is uglier than a mud fence, but it is all we have and it is what we do.  For a day or two centered around our nation’s birthday, we manage to set aside our inside the wagons differences and celebrate the creation of this truly beautiful country we love.  While we enjoy barbecue, fireworks, home churned ice cream and blistering rides across our lakes and slow floats on our streams, please remember to acknowledge our uninformed services charged with protecting  us from the threats we know exist. Lending dignity to our energetic and multifaceted society is a full time job for those who are charged with recognizing and neutralizing the threats, both internal and external, to the sanctity of our incredible country.  Our wagons are always circled………image.jpeg

Happy Birthday, America!

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