Teflon Is Not Just for a Frying pan

The FBI has spoken.  Their respected Director, Mr. James Comey flatly stated the Bureau would not recommend that charges be brought against Hillary Clinton.  His statement:  “Our judgement is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”  Respectfully, Mr. Comey that statement is well beyond your pervue, clearly the province of a prosecutor and not the investigator. In all fairness to you and the Attorney General, this was no mistake or role reversal……….and smacks of sheer genius.  Let me explain.

The Attorney General, having been caught passing the time of day in Arizona with the husband of the target of the investigation, stopped short of recusing herself from this matter, instead saying she would rely on the FBI to make the decision relative to the prosecution of Hillary.  Perfect!  The individual responsible for prosecuting Hillary does not recuse herself, but really does recuse herself……genius.

Now comes the FBI Director, who has absolutely no authority to prosecute Hillary, but in fact says no prosecutor would charge her on the facts that he is fully aware of. Perfect, again!  He has no authority, but is given authority that does not exist to say he would not prosecute Hillary…….again, genius.

Folks, these guys are good.  The FBI offers a summary reflecting gross negligence, yet Hillary walks.  No blood on their hands.  The Attorney General confers fictional authority on the FBI Director to bring a prosecution, thus abdicating her role in this unholy mess.  No blood on her hands.  At the end of the day, Hillary walks away, free from this vast right wing conspiracy too impune her good name and no one is responsible for the decision to not prosecute.  This makes the Tweed Ring look like 3d graders playing tether ball on a sunny afternoon.image

All of this happening with absolutely no interference from the current administration, who has already endorsed Hillary for the presidency.  After all, this is the most transparent administration in US History.

America is a world leader in technology as evidenced by our ability to apply Teflon film to many things, such as frying pans and bandages.  We now lead the world in the application of this technology to mere mortals…….oops, near mortals as the Clinton lineage would indicate they have ascended well above mortal status.

Genius………..sheer genius. image

4 thoughts on “Teflon Is Not Just for a Frying pan

  1. Yes, the FBI lays out a rock solid case against “Lying Hillary” and then the Director says nothing should be done about. Do they have something on him that would cause him to publicly destroy his own reputation? Makes me sick to see this massive corruption on all levels….

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  2. Exactly as we knew it would turn out. More from the ” Who, Me ” crowd. What more can be expected from a president who is impeached but does not leave office.

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