Sheep Dogs and Sheep…..

image.jpegAs have most of the folks that I share my existence with, I am shocked at the behavior of those lost souls that have taken to the streets to kill my brothers and sisters in proverbial blue.  Shocked, but not surprised.  We did not get to this point as a result of some divine intervention or anomaly in the weather, rather as a result of a generational malaise accompanied by a stunning urge to ignore rule and law and do only what feels good.  The Great Pyrenees breed of dog can teach us many things about responsibility, let me explain.

The Great Pyrenees goal in life is to protect something.  He will protect sheep, goats, cattle, people, children, grass, flowers, bird feeders and other Great Pyrenees.  They are beautiful dogs and capable of uncompromising love.  They are sturdily built and blessed with a thick, protective coat.  They have terrific vision and don’t miss much going on around them.  They are intelligent, possess great temperaments, and are confident in their abilities.  They have great stamina, love their job and are happy when their protectees are secure.  They will fight to the death to protect the sheep or whatever else they are responsible for.  They do not give one sorry damn what color the sheep or cattle or whatever it is they are caring for is.  It is a matter of fact they will rest closest to the most vulnerable members of their  herd or flock , knowing full well this is where an external threat will likely strike.  They will give the full monte to their job and would be confused, bewildered and crushed if a goat or sheep turned on them. Sheep know better, they can sense the great destruction that would follow such an attack,  maybe even having experienced the spectacle resulting from an ill conceived attack stopped short by their Great Pyrenees protectors.  Amazing isn’t it?  The natural order of the animal kingdom reflecting  reason that humans can only marvel at.

When the sheep attack the sheep dogs, we will suggest that is just how it goes for the sheepdogs, you know, unfortunate but to be expected.  A shepherd will not invite the wolves in for a conference, rather he will see to it his sheepdogs are taken care of and well supported.  He will swear vengeance on the wolves.

The current administration is a blatantly anti-cop as any administration in history, totally ignoring the attacking subhuman variants and suggesting the “police culture” is to blame for the current carnage.  Bullsquirt!

When there are no more Great Pyrenees, there will be no more  sheep…….It is the natural order.image.jpeg

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