I would suggest that if you are one of those, and I suspect there are precious few, of my readers who are enamored with Tribal Politics or see only the the beauty in the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, now would be a good time to find an old copy of Mad Magazine and set this posting aside.  If, on the other hand, you are guided by clear headed logic, or can at least objectively evaluate what falls in front of you, then give this post a read.image

Hillary Clinton is a liar of the first order.  Never mind that “others have done it”, (a refrain that I smilingly brushed aside hundreds of times when scratching out a summons to a violator), or “I didn’t know it was illegal”, another favorite dodge that proved worthless as I continued to block print the information needed on the ticket.  It was a rare violator who would look you in the eyes and deny the violation that you just witnessed.  They might attempt to mitigate it with a circumstance or two, but outright denial, rare indeed.  That is  not the case with Hillary……or for that matter, her counsel, Bill, the fellow who happened to “run into” the Attorny General in an airport out west.

The Kansas City Star ran an editorial recently suggesting that Americans don’t deserve either candidate currently running for the presidency.  This is remarkable only in that Hillary is seen as a poor choice by a publication that leans left…….a lot.  While I am still watching Mr. Trump with arched eyebrows, I have seen all I want to see of Hillary.  The woman prevaricates with abandon.

At this point, we should probably make a distinction or two about the seriousness of her prevarication.  Mrs. Clinton sent and received highly classified intelligence data on a private server in the basement of her home.  A server that enjoys the same level of security afforded me as I write this article on my computer in my home………..none!  State secrets, mind you, many of which we will never know about as they were destroyed. This is not bean bag……America is under siege from a host of foreign and hostile governments and our Secretary of State is treating sensitive information with the same respect she would the exchange of recipes for chocolate chip cookies.  Never mind her motives, a serious consideration in and of itself, just focus on her denials.  Read the transcript of Director Comey’s responses to questions from Rep. Gowdy.  Lie after lie exposed.

Hillary Clinton’s history is one of prevarication.  No need to delve into such matters as who she was named after, Benghazi, and leaving the White House dead broke, or………well, you get the picture. Her deviation from the truth does have value in a value concious society…….she is sitting on the rights to a number one best seller….”The Art of Prevarication” with a forward drafted by Bill.  God help us if the author ends up being President Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of prevarication…….a fellow who enjoys a similar following has referred to her as the most qualified person to ever run for the Presidency.

Wow!  You can’t make this stuff up.


2 thoughts on “Prevarication…..

  1. Indeed, lying seems to have become a virtue and Hillary uses it with a smile. The WHOLE truth be damned and the news media facilitates it.

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