Sacred Ground……

I took a deep breath before the first keystroke in today’s blog. It is important to note there may be 2d Amendment defenders out there that are as fervent as I am, but none that are more so. I am writing to offer a perspective relative to the evolution of firearms in America, specifically in guns presumably designed for self defense. I acknowledge that it is none of my business what a law abiding individual chooses to own in terms of firearms. My musings today have nothing to do with the recent mass shootings, as I am not qualified to ferret out the sociopaths and psychopaths that walk among us, which, of course are the problem, not guns.

I have been around guns all of my life. I am the son of an Infantry officer, who was masterful with small arms. I love to hunt, and have developed a penchant for long range precision in sporting rifles. As a matter of fact I walk a little out of kilter, as the result of packing a 3 pound pistol on my right hip for 27 years. The weaponry of my day in policing was pretty well limited to a shotgun, pistol and a lead filled, leather “slapper” our non lethal force multiplier. Before retiring, I added a canister of chemical mace to my armament, which in most cases contaminated you, the bad guy and your patrol car after being used.

The Vietnam era introduced us to a nifty little rifle that was lightweight, effective and easy to manufacture, the venerable M-16. (The first of these little rifles were a nightmare, as a few grains of sand would cause it to jam in the most inopportune moments.) They began an evolution into the amazing variety of firearms available today. The pictures accompanying this musing are not intended to disparage any of the fine manufacturers of the guns. The pictures are intended to make my point, which is to ask, are we stepping on our own toes with the appearances of many firearms today? Can we acknowledge that some of the firearms being manufactured stretch credibility as sporting arms? With some 70% of Americans alleging that some form of registration is necessary and a like number of folks believing that so called universal back ground checks would be okay, are we feeding this frenzy with our current firearm offerings? Our problem my firearm loving friends is these folks vote, just like you and I, and when they have the majority, they are going to attack. Votes reflect opinions and opinions are shaped, in large part, by perceptions, and the perception of a silencer equipped, semi-automatic “pistol” with a 30 round magazine, that looks like a military grade weapon is not good with these voters, which, it has been suggested, held the majority in the last election.

A pistol/rifle
One of today’s modern “pistols”
A Vietnam era M-16 combat rifle

In an attempt to offer a balanced review, I am mystified at the attack on the 2d Amendment, evidenced by Joe Biden’s opining that Amendments, and by extension, the Constitution, is not “absolute”. I would suggest that someone check the grave of Justice Scalia to make sure he has not dug out and left for Washington. It is this thinking that could prevail if the so called majority stays in power. (The conduct of this administration practically guarantees they will not.)

In summary. Today’s firearm offerings are utilitarian and offer a platform for accessories that is virtually unlimited. They are efficient, compact and in a personal defense posture, more efficient than at any time in our history. They are also very militaristic in appearance, expensive to own and shoot, and mystifying to many, many people. While a Glock pistol, with 16 rounds is a formidable and efficient weapon, today’s so called “machine “pistols are far more efficient. While the sociopaths and mentally ill folks grab the headlines, the folks who have the majority see only the guns they use. I am asking a fair question. Do we have any culpability in the current feeding frenzy with our demand for ever more esoteric semi-automatic weaponry, which has very little “sporting value”? We are, at present, just a precious few votes from another “assault” weapon ban, and we know the Biden Cartel has no respect for definitional parameters. They will call a moose a fox and a .22 rifle a cannon. This is sacred ground, I admit, and I will continue to fight for our right to own and shoot what we want to. That loyalty may not be enough if we don’t have the votes, and we may not have those votes when perception trumps reality.

Have a great weekend!


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