Paralyzed By Fear…..

America is paralyzed by fear. We have elected a President who has masterfully played the race card, attaching this ugly consideration to virtually every aspect of life, and we are shrinking into the night, setting aside reason along the way. Biden and the Democratic Party have created the perfect storm, and fear is the lead ingredient in this debacle. First, let’s address fear.

On the 20th of November, 1943, 18,000 US Marines stormed ashore in a tilted battle to capture a sliver of coral in the Pacific named Tarawa. Low water, causing them to step out of landing craft and cross an expanse of water to get to an exposed beach, covered by immaculately prepared Japanese defenses, caused our troops to cower behind the bodies of their fellow soldiers for protection against withering fire. Before this fight was over, some 76 hours later, our magnificent Marines lost 1,009 dead and 2,101 wounded against the Japanese losses of 4,690 dead. We also owned the island and it’s coveted airstrips. You can bet that every Marine that stormed ashore knew fear at levels we can only imagine. They conquered this fear and won a tremendous victory. They fought and died to protect an American way of life that our current Administration is hell bent on destroying. The threat to our culture has never been greater. Our enemy is within, the Biden administration. The Marines conquered their fear but we, today, have not.

We are afraid to confront folks who destroy our cities and subscribe to the mythical “systemic racism” that has become the battle cry of the Biden Cartel. We are afraid to challenge the full frontal attack on the institution of policing. We allow big men with small minds like LeBron James control the narrative and directly threaten a police officer for doing what he was trained to do. We listen, without comment, as various members of the Cartel threaten to eliminate qualified immunity for our police officers. We listen silently as Biden challenges our court system suggesting that police officers get a better deal than civilians. His Cartel believes that bullets know the difference between dark skin and white skin in deadly force situations. He has no concept of the reality that police officer’s relatively rare reliance on deadly force is designed to place the officer between a bad actor and a citizen. We are afraid of taking a position on these happenings for fear of being labeled a racist. We permit mentally challenged US Representatives to suggest there needs to be more “confrontation’” in the streets, indeed suggesting harassment for folks with a different view of today’s situation by challenging them when eating in a restaurant. How does she get away with this? She is black and we don’t dare risk being labeled a racist for being critical of such ignorant utterances, when skin color should not even be a consideration. We express selected outrage as the Biden Cartel has welcomed the criminal element across what used to be our border and flood America with folks who can be depended on to vote Democratic when they are finally granted privileges that are unearned. Yes, the Cartel attaches the race card to this influx and God only knows why they are committed to this strategy. Our fear is driving this train. We have allowed corporate America to hijack the “systemic racism” myth, a giant hoax on a scared America. The airlines need federal dollars to survive so they jump into bed with the Cartel. The issue is no longer the event, rather it is the color of the skin of the actors in the event. Why? Because of fear.

No. It is not, unless you belong to the Biden Cartel

Here is where we need to be. The color of skin is highly overrated, unless you need that color for identification purposes. The Biden Cartel has set racial equality back 100 years with their seizure of this aspect of life and use of it for political purposes. Damn him and his party for their capitalization of racism as a cudgel used to beat us into submission and silence. It has become quite fashionable to jump on the racism bandwagon, because it requires no courage to slink into a corner and ignore what is patently stupid. Thank the Good Lord that our marines on Tarawa conquered their fear and ultimately our enemies in the world. Fear is beating the hell out of us. We live in America, forged from courage and conviction. It is time to show the race baiters the door……if we have the courage. Just like we showed the Japanese the door in Tarawa.

We are at a fork in the road.

Have a good weekend.


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