A Tumultuous Week……

By any accounting, it has been a busy week in America. A legal giant is beginning the rest of his life rubbing elbows with the worst offenders imaginable, an election reveals the true feelings of folks relative to the crime tsunami in Chicago and ESPN continues to fuel the fires of racism. We are seeing folks cue up earlier than ever in what promises to be a white hot election cycle and our finest universities are dumbing down rather than demanding excellence. I trust my readers are news conscious, however, this week I wanted to add another perspective to the world we live in.

First up, Lori Lightfoot. After having her political butt kicked to the curb, the vanquished darling of the liberal establishment has the audacity to suggest she was defeated because she was a “black woman”. My dear Lori, what in the hell do you attribute previously winning the office in a landslide to? You lost because you never did get it when it comes to crime and governance, running an inept administration that garnered a total lack of respect. It had not a thing to do with your skin color and race.

Lori, trying to figure out what just happened

We are in the midst of the biggest standards reduction in the history of higher education. Columbia College is dropping the SAT/ACT requirement for admission to their school, one of the nation’s finest. Why you ask? It is in the interest if inclusion as they believe that testing exhibits a racial bias. Add to Columbia a number of other universities already on the racial bandwagon, Cornell, Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Northwestern, and Boston University. Here is a thought from a regionally educated man residing in the Ozarks. I really don’t give a tinkers damn what color my doctor, airline pilot, engineer, or attorney is. I care about his or her competence and excellence. The current trend of pushing excellence to the back burner in the interest of inclusion is going to bite us where the sun don’t shine. Here is another flash for the admissions people; some folks are very bright, some are not, some folks are tall, some are not, some policemen are superlative, some are not, etc. You want one size fits all, go to work at a Twinkies factory, precise replication is welcomed there.

ESPN, always on the edge of the racially infused atmosphere that surrounds professional sports has suggested that Nikola Jokic will likely be the MVP in the NBA, because he is white. No ESPN, he is a great candidate because he is as strong as a bull, can clear a lane with the precision that few have and plays at 100%, 100% of the time. He also has the numbers…….careful ESPN or you will be in the company of CNN, sinking like a rock.

If you cook over a gas stove and have a little time on your hands, you might shop around for an electric one to replace it with. The Biden Cartel has placed gas appliances on the endangered list. The unmitigated idiocy of these folks is almost humorous. China is blustering, Russia is in a proxy war with us, inflation is crushing our economy, fentanyl is available on every street corner and these clowns target gas stoves. I suspect the man hates gas. I can only guess he spent time growing up with an old, flatulent uncle.

My last consideration this week is the disgraced, (in ways that we can’t measure) lawyer, Alex Murdaugh. An OJ jury would have acquitted him, in spite of the overwhelming mountain of motive, certainly the means, and the obvious opportunity. Rest easy, Alex killed his family, as was pointed out by the superlative judge overseeing the trial. The one question that was never answered was why two guns? For me the answer is obvious. In South Carolina, shotguns must be plugged, meaning limited to three shells. When you are in the middle of a killing spree, it would take too much time to locate additional shells, load and return to your slaughter. He shotgunned the boy, ran out of ammo and reached for the rifle to kill mom. This was not brought out in the trial. In the end, it matters not as he is going to consort with the sorriest examples of humankind imaginable. As a matter of fact, he is a perfect fit, and somebody in there is going to have a score to settle.

A stone cold killer…….

You can’t make this stuff up! Have a great week.


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