A Special Kind Of Hell, Abbey Gate……..

Military veterans, especially those that served in a war zone, earn a unique privilege in America. When we see something that confounds belief, related to the very messy business of fighting and killing, we get to speak up or choose silence. I am of the speak up variety. It marked my tenure as a soldier, as well as a trooper for some 27 years. I understand there are ways to communicate that are sophisticated and polished and there are ways to convey a message with brutish authority. I have done both. Marine veteran Sgt. Tyler Vargas-Andrews has left me with a profound contempt for those who direct combat operations from the comfort of a ornate office after having never tasted the fog of war. I reserve my most intense contempt for Joseph Biden, the head of the snake.

Vargas -Andrews was a member of a Marine scout-sniper team at Abbey Gate on August 26, 2021, when he lost an arm and leg to a suicide bomber that he had positively identified and begged permission to kill, before the Godless creature could detonate his device. His chain of command was wracked with timidity and fear, the result of rules of engagement that are a part of every modern conflict. I am a product of the military establishment and, given what they were witnessing, am amazed at the timidity of the commanders on the ground. You should know at this point that reliable intelligence sources had identified the bomber with a high degree of accuracy and told the commanders he was headed to Abbey Gate.

Abbey Gate…..the aftermath

Before the bombing, the Marines had watched the Taliban execute numerous Afghans within a few hundred yards of their position behind shipping containers set us as a barricade. Suicide by razor wire was preferable to the torture the Taliban would have inflicted if they did not cut your throat or shoot you immediately. ( The Afghans were throwing themselves into the razor wire.) These atrocities were reported but ignored by military commanders. The bomber was not apprehended outside the gate so as to not compromise the asset who identified him, and instead was permitted to do his grisly work. Vargas-Andrews was waiting for an Afghan interpreter to arrive when he felt the flash that shredded his right arm, opened his abdomen and cost him a leg as well. The same right arm that could have placed a rifle round into the head of the bomber if someone could have been found with the courage to order the shot. I have prayed for Vargas-Andrews. His cross is heavy.

The take away is easy. The withdrawal was an unmitigated disaster ordered by a man unfit for office of any description. Our military must reflect his priorities and follow his orders, or we will cease to exist. Even the orders of the likes of Joe Biden. Timidity in a combat situation is inexcusable. Horrible mistakes were made, and the commanders will not accept responsibility. Biden will never accept responsibility because he has zero familiarity with the horrors of combat or the killing in front of Abbey gate during this evacuation. Bold, self confident commanders love bold subordinates, while self conscious, shaky commanders abhor bold subordinates, less they threaten their security. I have seen this in the Patrol and in my combat experience. Say a prayer for our military today. They deserve commanders less focused on liberal ideology and more focused on the business of fighting and crushing our enemies. Abby Gate was hell….a mishandled hell from the ground up.

As for Joe Biden. He should be made to decorate the graves of each service person that was killed at Abbey gate, after himself having been subjected to the smell, sound and sight of combat. Joe has got go in ‘24.

Have a great week.


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