Turbulent times…….

image.jpegI spent a professional lifetime in search of turbulence.  It is what law enforcement officers do, whether the issue is discovered proactively or you are summoned to it.  The well adjusted individual, on his or her way to work, is of little interest to us beyond the obvious acknowledgement they were not requiring our attention.  In fairness, every generation can identify turbulence in their time…..but we are well into issues today that are polarizing beyond comprehension.

Take the public bathroom thing.  I can remember over sold events at the Missouri State Fair grandstand, designed for crowds half the size that were ticketed for a show.  We had to post a trooper in the men’s restroom to bring dignity to the undignified reality of women, whose restrooms were woefully undersized, relieving themselves while interested men, awaiting their turn in line, watched.  The fights between concerned boyfriends and spectators could really turn nasty.  We all knew the rules…..but necessity is the mother of invention and the resulting turbulence had to be dealt with.

Today, the rules are changing and the resulting polarization is going to get someone hurt….likely killed.  The whole transgender thing isn’t new….what is new is legislating and mandating their intrusion into the norms of our society.  A respectable aviation magazine that I read, in a recent issue, featured an article about Bruce Jenner or Kaitlan, who happens to be a pilot.  Why?  Was it because he, she or it is a terrific pilot with some unusual skill or because of the lack of definitive sexual orientation?  Here we go again, turbulence.  To me, the answer is obvious…..there should be three bathrooms, one for men, one for women and one with “confused” over the door.  If we are going to acknowledge this turbulence, then let’s work to minimize it’s affects.  I’m guessing there won’t be much of a line at the “confused” door………

Another bit of turbulence surrounds this Administration’s decision to change the picture(s) on our currency.  There is little point in arguing the contribution of Ms. Tubman as an abolitionist, she earned her acclaim.  Rather, the question is why, in these troubled times, would you go about creating additional turbulence.  Why would you, the President, make it a point to praise “Black Lives Matter”?  More turbulence?  Is the “right thing to do” always the right thing to do?  This election cycle is on track to be as derisive,  derogatory and generally unpalatable as any in recent history……talk about turbulence!

I suppose the transition, for me, is complete.  From a career of actively seeking turbulence to an existence that generally avoids it. Pilots know a lot about turbulence and the smart ones avoid it whenever possible.  It is all about comfort and…….safety.  I suspect most of us can understand the analogy between flying and living.

Think about it.



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